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If you were going to go after Iran's nukes, how would you do it?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 14th, 2012

I’m pretty sure they have secret facilities buried deep under mountains in various parts of the country. If you were Israel, how would you go after these facilities? Would you use bombs? Would you use nuclear weapons? Would you go in on the ground? Would you smuggle in weapons in a clandestine way? Would you try to get the US to do your dirty work for you? Would you try to apply more diplomatic pressure?

Whatever you would do, please add more detail to your plan.

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Wouldn’t that be tipping their hand?

I’ll suggest a different tactic. I’d enlist the aid of a Clerics well versed in the Koran (Quran) and ask them to find passages that state this type of energy source or weapon is wrong. We all know humans have the ability to find and infer hidden meanings in any text of significant length. Once the statements are found I would publish them and stress how anyone working on such a project is committing blasphemy and is no better than the lowest of all creatures that slither across the earth – Americans and Israelis. The workers’ names would be spread and a religious bounty placed on their heads. After all, does not the Holy text clearly state they deserve death?
And so it goes – until they buy their next reactor from China.

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I like it! GA, @LuckyGuy!

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“Dear Mister محمود احمدی‌نژاد‎,

My name is Alim, I am eight years old, from Haifa.
For our lecture Peace and beyond we are asked to come up with a solution for the whooooole world.
I want to do my lecture on the Middle East, and that is why I want to ask you something:
Do you have an atom bomb in your country?
We do.
But, if you have one too, I will ask Mister Netanyahu if he wants to throw it away.
Will you do the same with yours then?
Thank you very much!

Bye, Mahmoud!

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I think it is a good idea for Iran to have a small nuke. The can then negotiate with Israel as equals. For too long, Israel, with the unquestioning backing of the U.S., have run rough shod over the middle east.

Frankly I don’t trust any government that relies on their clergy as function of government. If the talks go wrong then clear the area and let them blow the shit out of eachother. I especially hope for the destruction of the “holy sites” that are the center of all this contention. It is better not to have a “holy land” than to have a perpetual wars over museum pieces.

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Did He not say in, the Quran, Cow 2.238 “Attend constantly to prayers and to the middle prayer and stand up truly obedient to Allah.”?
Clearly, anyone working in the nuke plant, for even an instant, is not attending “constantly to prayer” as instructed in the Quran, Cow 2.238.

The effects of exposure to radiation is well documented including: birth defects, shorted lives and death. And yet., the Quran clearly states: “It is unlawful for a believer to kill another believer, ... He that kills a believer by design shall burn in Hell forever. He shall incur the wrath of God, who will lay His curse on him and prepare for him a mighty scourge.
Quran 4:92–93; “Women,”
A worker who produces radioactive materials is, at best, shortening the lives of believers and might be killing or maiming unborn believers. – The punishment for such acts is clear.


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There is no evidence that Iran has Nuclear weapons in their country, and no evidence that they are developing the technology neccessary to do so. (The Cntrifuges needed to refine Uranium for weapons are very differnent to those required to make reactor-grade Uranium.)

HOWEVER if they continue to receive threats from Israel (Who DO have Nuclear Weapons they DO refuse to admit to the International community) and political pressure from countries over which Israel exerts a large amount of influence (See AIPAC in the US) they probably will start to develop weapons. And who can blame them?

I think we should call Iran’s bluff, and give them Nuclear power plants. Then, if we see any furhter nuclear development occuring, we can rightly get very angry as this is the development of Nuclear weapons.

I think this is the best move because both Iran and Israel have autonomous fundementalist religious groups in Government, and a full scale nuclear war is a definite possibility.

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I wouldn’t.

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1. That is a big “if”.
2. Iran’s alleged nukes. see Iraq

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Iran does not have “nukes,” but it does have facilities for highly enriching uranium which could then be used to build nuclear weapons. I am assuming you are talking about these facilities, which were also the target of the Stuxnet computer worm.

My understanding is that the facilities are buried so deeply in reinforced mountain bunkers that you would basically need to use extremely large bunker-busting bombs. Israel has apparently purchased such bombs from the United States recently.

That entails getting fighter jets, bombers, or drones over Iranian airspace, which would consequently entail either spoofing their radar detection or fighting off their Air Force. Both Israel and America have openly discussed a complicated electronic warfare attack against the Iranians’ detection systems before and during the actual bombing runs.

Following the attack, there is a good chance (though Israel’s leaders think it’s a bluff) that Iran will counterattack by launching missiles at Israel. This is why Israel has been readying population centers in recent months, creating bunkers, safety drills, etc. Israel also has an “Iron Dome” missile defense that is good at shooting down rockets, albeit cheapo rockets launched from Palestinians.

If the missiles from Iran don’t stop, Israel might then want to fly more airstrikes and take out missile launch centers and/or terrorize the Iranian population into stopping. In this case the situation would likely descend into full-out war with Iran both shooting missiles and using Hezbollah and Hamas proxies to carry out terrorist attacks inside Israel. It is likely at this point that tens of thousands of people would die and the United States and other countries would step in.

For the record, I don’t give a shit if Iran gets nuclear weapons. The world would be better off if they didn’t have them. But it’s impossible to argue that they shouldn’t have nuclear weapons when Israel does. That said, I can definitely see how Israel would want to do these airstrikes. Which is horrifying.

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Iran doesn’t have ‘nukes’ but I wonder what the reaction would be if Iran attempted to take out Israel’s?

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A big map, a blindfold & a relatively large pin.

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With Iraqi WMDs.

How nice that you are ”..pretty sure..” @wundayatta

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I’d send in Bond…James Bond.

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@lloydbird There’s a good boy. Why don’t you go research it for me to make sure. Ta, luv.

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