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How do I stop this embarrassment and what may have caused it?

Asked by SecretsAndCuriosity (7points) March 14th, 2012

I am a pubescent teen, and I have started to grow facial hair on my chin. I am very embarrassed about it, and I pluck every hair out that I see. I don’t know why this is, and I want to stop it. I also want to stop the hair growth.

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Are you a girl?

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If you’re a girl, then please don’t worry about this. I’m a teenage girl and I have a moustache which I have to pluck everyday, as do most of my friends. It’s completely normal for a girl to have facial hair, so there isn’t much need to be embarrassed (although I understand why you’d feel self-conscious about this).

Regardless of gender, I have a few suggestions with may help you. You can buy a pen-sized electric shaver. These are so quick to use; literally, the hair is gone within 5 seconds. I think they cost around £2 to £5. There’s also the option of laser hair removal. Unfortunately these can be expensive (we’re talking in the hundreds here to have it done professionally; to do it yourself you’d need to buy equipment for around £100–200), but I believe they can remove hair permanently?? << Please do not take my word for it, you’d have to book a consultation with a professional. :)

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Also assuming you’re a girl—changes in hair growth is a normal part of puberty. It’s a response to increased levels of androgens, like testosterone. That’s what causes acne in teenagers as well. It doesn’t mean you’re turning into a guy; it’s a normal part of development.

If you want to reduce the hair growth at its source, there are medications you can take. Birth control pills decrease levels of androgens in your body, so they can be very effective against unwanted hair growth. There’s also a drug called spironolactone that can be used to treat excess hair growth by reducing androgen levels.

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How many pubescent teens (who joined fluther today) describe themselves that way?

If you are worried, see your primary care physician, and s/he may recommend an endocrinologist.

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Also here assuming your a girl. most likely it is perfectly normal at your age,I know I went thru it (thou many a years ago…lol ) and when my daughter was a preteen-teen she had not onlly what we called her “stach” but she also had sideburns. She is part Itialian and part Native American,so her hair all over is very very dark,she was so embarssed,so I went and bought her a wax kit,(which I did for her) an yes it will hurt but only a few minutes an now they have a numbing like solutinon that comes with it and an oil to help with the sting. It really isnt that bad,and the hair takes a long time to start growning again. I also bought her one of the tiny battery pen-size shavers, (which I used and still do) an to this day (she is going on 26 ) she still has one an I buy her one every year for Xmas. They work Great also and no pain what so ever,they shave very close get rid of all the unwanted hair Anywhere on your body. An another thing you can do is if you have the money ( dont cost much in most places) go to a salon,and they will wax your unwanted hair an your eyebrows if you want. I daugher did and still does that to this day as well.. It’s perfectly normal,your not turning into a guy,just hang in there an it will slow down or stop all together. I am in my mid 40’s an of course have a “stach” lol, but with my little shaver an when I have the money a waxing sometimes you can never tell. Good luck,an dont be embarassed,it happens to all us girls/women at some point in our lives.

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