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Are you afraid of any type of weather?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) May 24th, 2008

Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Hail? Tornadoes? Ice storms? Blizzards? What’s the worst you’ve been through?

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Wind wigs me out a bit. As do horrible horrible thunderstorms while in my very small car.

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I grew up in tornado country, and have been through scores of them. I actually had a paralyzing phobia of them well into my teens. Then one day, POOF, it just went away. Now I’m fascinated by them and probably much less afraid than I should be. A few years ago, I was in rural MA, and a freak storm produced a twister, and I remember standing outside, looking up into it as it passed over my head, dropped down a few hundred yards past me and kept going. It sort of never occurred, until later, that I could’ve been killed.

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I always thought that if I learned more about weather, I wouldn’t be afraid of storms, etc. Well, one degree in Meteorology later (and another on the way…) I am still scared of lightning that is too close for comfort and tornadoes. Not the paralyzing “deer in the headlights” kind of scared, but more like a humble, “I know you can hurt me, and I am going to stay away from you” type of fear. I think it has something to do with now I know a lot more about these things than I did when I was little, and I know what they can do. I think a little fear is a good thing. It’s when people think nothing is going to happen to them that bad things happen.

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I find Tornados pretty scary although I have never been through one or seen one. They happen so quick it seems there is little time to prepare. What happens if one touches down in the middle of the night? Doom!

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I ain’t scared of nuttin out there.

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Hurricanes do scare me. When there is a hurricane, my husband has to work. He is a firefighter. My daughter and I are left alone to weather the storm. I am not really afraid of the storm while it is raging. I am afraid when it is over. I am afraid that members of my family will have suffered huge losses. After a storm, it can be days before you can hear from your family. It is a scary feeling not knowing that they are o.k.

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I don’t like wind because I can not see it.
Yes I know you can see the trees move and water ripple, but that requires a bit more effort than a quick glance.

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I grew up in California and have been through numerous earthquakes. No big deal.

I took my family on vacation a few years back to Cancun Mexico and ended up in a shelter for 3 days during hurricane Wilma. Good times!!

I live in Colorado now and we get hail often….again~no big deal.

Also, the winter before last we had some pretty good blizzards here in Colorado. Good family time.

I guess my answer is no….no concern.

I certainly do not mean to be callous as I know that people endure extreme hardship by weather, but for my family it has been fine.

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I live in Cleveland, and I drive a mustang convertible, so you can pretty much imagine my fear of our blizzards LOL snow tires do pretty much nothing when I have to get out of my culdesak

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I’ve been in hurricanes, blizzards, torrential rain and thunder storms – and I oddly love them! I want to experience other kinds of extreme weather that I can’t here, like tornados and earthquakes.
It’s scary, but in the same way a rollercoaster is. It’s a rush.

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@mzgator I fell your pain. My husband works for a newspaper and must go in when there is a storm. They let the families stay in the building (they have huge generators), but no animals. That means it’s me and the pups on our own.

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Depends on where I am. Earthquakes can be fun when you’re where nothing is going to fall on you, but I’d be scared to be stuck under something during one. Also really high seas when in a boat scare me. Or seriously bad winds when in a small plane. Otherwise I usually tend to enjoy extreme weather, especially when I get to be relatively comfortable.

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