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How do I edit a question?

Asked by josrific (2575points) March 15th, 2012

I was asked to edit a question because of grammar. I changed what I thought needed to be changed but after I submitted it again I found another problem. (That’s what I get for asking a question near midnight.)

How can I go back into my question to fix that one problem or am I going to be edited again?

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Contact the moderator who originally saked you to edit the question and tell them you need to get back into it again.

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You can flag your question, and then enter the specific reason why you want to edit it again.

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Yes, the best way is to flag your question and note why you need it back to edit. (I just saw your flag, and have returned it to you.)

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Also, if it is a brand new question, you have a 10 minute (I believe) window in which you can edit it yourself. When you view your question within that time frame, there is an option to edit the question (just like when you first post a response). Once that 10 minutes passes, the only way to do it is via the mods.

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