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What operating systems are there besides Windows?

Asked by munderwoodstl (1points) March 15th, 2012

find another commonly used operating system; Briefly describe the system and where it is most often used. How does it differ from Windows?

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Wikipedia’s timeline of operating systems might be helpful. There’s also the list.

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did you take that directly from your computer science class homework assignment? LOL

Welcome to Fluther…. the links that tom g gave you should help with this.

The most common alternative platforms are the Mac OS, and of course Linux.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Before anyone can properly answer question, you really need to restrict its domain.

Are you talking “personal computers”, “computers” in general (meaning mainframes, minicomputers and supercomputers as well), “computing devices” (which could include telephones, iPads, iPods and so forth) ... and even some machines, I suppose. I know that steam boilers have “operating systems”, though you may not ever consider them. By the same token I’m sure that ships, submarines, locomotives, aircraft and other complex devices have “operating systems”.

There are more operating systems than you have even dreamed.

But I expect that you mean “personal computers”, and the first two responses are probably good enough.

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@gambitking It must be an assignment question; my immediate response was to become nervous and look at the clock.

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tom g…....I was surprised not to see Trojan on that list. Do you think someone would actually fall for that?

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