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With your hair color/eye color combo, what colors look best on you?

Asked by Jude (32134points) March 15th, 2012

Toss in your complexion.

Dark brown hair (with natural auburn highlights), greyish-blue eyes and fair skin?

Brown, maroon, orange, teal and burgundy bring out the color of my eyes. Yellow looks nice, as well.


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My hair is naturally medium brown, and most often I have it that color or dark brown.

Eyes blue

Skin very fair.

I look great in brown, black, and many shades of blue. I get compliments in red, but rarely wear red.

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I have blue-grey eyes and salt-and-pepper hair. I have absolutely no idea what colours look best on me. How do you even tell?

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Salt and pepper hair, blue eyes, medium tan from being ¼th Cherokee Indian.

Red is the color, at least that is what I have been told.

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I have no idea, you tell me: brown eyes and black hair.

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@Bent Probably you look great in grey, blue, and black. Depending on your skin color and tones, you probably can add some more colors. Probably red. The tricky colors are usually orange, green, yellow, because depending on skin tone certian colors can make you look sallow. The best way to know is when people say, “hey that color looks great on you,” remember the color.

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@Blackberry Dude, you have to say you are black also. I say you look great in white, any shade of white and off white, yellow, orange, and red. For more formal attire dark navy blue.

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Hmm, I’ve never tried orange much, I’ll have to try again this Summer.

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I have very dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have a complexion….well an Indian complexion, but a little lighter than most Indians. I don’t even know how to describe it.

I have no idea what colors look good on me, any advice?

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I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tanner skin. People always tell me I look really good in dark red… but I rarely wear that color. I like olive green.

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I believe a combination of magenta plaid and silver and ocher colored spirals look best on me. Anything else makes me look fat.

is ocher really a color?

you could display the sum total of my fashion sense comfortably on the head of a pin and still have enough room left over to play billiards.

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@Blackberry Let me know how that goes. Orange bathing suit maybe? I can’t be sure of course, I would have to see the color on you, but it is just a suggestion. My husband loves orange. He isn’t as dark as you, but darkish in the summer.

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@JLeslie I do wear blue and grey a lot. Not often black and definitely not anything bright. My skin tone is very pale, more pink than tan.

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I have black hair and green eyes. Green and blue are the colors that really stick out on me. They look beautiful. However, yellow and red make me look like a cautionary whale.

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@KateTheGreat You have beautiful eyes.

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@Jude Thank you so much! That’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me all day.

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I’m very lucky that I look good in every color.

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Any clear color or tinted with white. Anything muddy, forget it.

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I have dark hair and eyes and an olive complexion. Italian/Latina.
I look good in bright colors like red, fuchsia, orange, and bright white

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Mousey dark brown hair (that I color a dark auburn) very dark brown eyes with an ivory complexion.
I am an Autumn so earth and jewel tones look best on me.

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Grey eyes, light brown hair (that’s starting to go grey in places) and a fairly pale peachy complexion. Pink, red and purple look horrible on me, autumn tones better. I wear mainly green, brown, grey and blue.

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@KateTheGreat ‘a cautionary whale’? I love that phrase. Mind if I borrow it?

I have dark green eyes and brownish hair I put an auburn tint over now and then. My skin is quite fair with blood-red undertones. I can rock a dark red lipstick and dress. I think some purples look good on me, but blue and yellow makes me look sick. I like black and dark red mostly. Reminds me, it is time for some hair colouring….. Out out, damn GREY!

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Bright blue- minimally greenish- eyes and blonde hair. Very fair skin with a few light freckles.
Natural tones look best on me, such as brown, beige, grey or olive. Black mascara brings the best out of my eyes. Lipstick is never a good idea, too pale for it. I always wear neutral tones, dull blues and greys and whites.

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