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Annoying people problem. What to do?

Asked by MilkyWay (13650points) March 15th, 2012

A trivial yet very bugging and annoying problem has arisen. An extremley bitchy annoying girl from my school has decided to follow me on twitter, and is constantly replying to my tweets with silly and infuriating remarks. I’ve decided to block her, and I know she’ll ask me about it tomorrow. How should I respond to her enquiry? I don’t want to come across as bitchy myself, so… don’t really know how I should tackle her. Suggestions?

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“I’m choosy with whom I tweet with. We’re not particularly friendly.”

I happen to be a Band-Aid ripper, so I tell it like it is

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How about, “I couldn’t stand your bitchy comments any more?”

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I think the only way to deal with it is to be honest. Anything else, and she’ll know you’re covering your real thoughts about her tweets.

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You could tell her you find her comments inappropriate and you like to keep it to close friends.

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Honest approach: “What @SpatzieLover said.”

Not-so-honest-but unanswerable approach: If she actually asks if you blocked her. Say “Block you? Why would I?” If she persists, say, “Can you block someone? I don’t know how.”

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Tell her you had some bad things you were gunna tweet about her, and you didn’t want her to read them and have her feelings hurt, so you blocked her.

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Above is some good advice.
Or announce to her that she is now a member of your New Kids on the Block.

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I don’t know why you would worry that you would appear bitchy when she actually is bitchy. I would just say, because I don’t like your tweets.
Really, do you think she doesn’t realize she is being a mean girl? She knows. I doubt she would ask.

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Tell her she was rude, and you didn’t want to hear it anymore.
Simple as that.
If she wasn’t being such a cunt, you wouldn’t have to be a bitch to her. XD

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Put her in a big slingshot and hurl her into the sun.

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Tell her it must be a glitch in Twitter.

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Oy my god, that was your twitter? I thought that was some other skank troll always responding with inane and bitchy comments. My bad. I’m so glad you said something. I’ll change it back as soon as I think up a reason that would make me want to.

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@6rant6 LAWL!!! You’re awesome.

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I would just tell her the truth. “I didn’t find your tweets interesting or amusing”. The truth is usually the best option in the long run. By the sound of it she isn’t too concerned about your feelings.

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I have this problem on facebook, sometime. Someone follows me and I can’t really defriend them because of social situations I’ll encounter them in. What I usually do in these circumstances is to block the person and then claim the site is glitchy when they ask me about it later. I would say that your twitter account has been experiencing some problems and you don’t know how to fix them.

It’s not exactly easy to tell someone you see on a regular basis that you don’t like them in any situation, but when you’re dealing with teenagers, the problems are much worse. I understand your reticence to tell her the truth. That could create more problems than it solves.

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That’s why I’m kinda not looking forward to it…
Thank you for answering folks… I’m still unsure what to do, but I’ll figure it out there and then.
Will let you know what the outcame came to be. <3

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I don’t recall if you are still in HS @MilkyWay.

If so, could you blame it on your parents? “My parents didn’t like your responses”.

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@SpatzieLover Definitley no… you can’t bring parents into it… you just can’t.

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Ahh I see. Here it is quite common for parents to not allow FB or Twitter until kids are 18 or in college.

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If I were you I would block her. If she asked me why I would tell her she was too enthusiastic and kept my posts cluttered. She’ll get mad, which would be fine—remember she was annoying. Now she’s gone. Better. Much better.

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