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Has anyone else got a phobia of medications?

Asked by Shippy (9889points) March 15th, 2012

I do. If i get sick, my first thought is “oh crikey” medicine. I can swallow them OK, it is just the panic attack I have after I have swallowed the pill. “Will it make me feel dizzy, floaty, odd?

I have had those types of reactions. But not always. Then about a year ago I went to a dentist, and prior to that I had always been fine. He injected me and I passed out after suffering the most strangest sensations.

OK here we are in the present. I need major work done on my teeth. Never mind I do not have the funds but, the last time I went to the dentist as he injected me I had a full blown panic attack.

Plus I cannot take the relaxing medication because I am scared of that too. I know I am a complicated handful. This is bugging me because I know I need to have a few more major teeth issues sorted. Any suggestions welcome

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I would talk it over with your dentist or consider sedation dentistry.

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Does the gas freak you out too? It is very relaxing and takes the edge off. I believe it’s called nitrous oxide.

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A few bad reactions and most people get pretty nervous before a new drug. I would recommend learning the drugs you don’t have bad reactions to, and always requesting them, along with knowing obviously what you have had bad reactions to. Doctors sometimes are very dismissive when a patient has a list, but fuck them!

It is still most likely a drug will not give you a bad reaction. There are many more drugs out there you can tolerate than that you can’t. So, statistically the numbers are on your side I would bet.

When you say the dentist injected you, do you mean with the novacaine? Some people cannot take novacaine or lidocaine. You might need an alternative. Or, is your reaction purely your panick?

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Oh, you poor thing. I get that feeling every time I go to the eye doctor. I actually passed out the 1st time my eyes were dilated. It was in the middle of the waiting room. In front of everyone, and their brothers. Now, I have a bit of a phobia about going. Don’t misunderstand me. Me-passing out-psychological reaction. Yours-I’d bet physiological reaction. My suggestion? If you have a local Pharmacist that can give you a list to start with and some good, old fashion research to back it up, you should be seen, by anyone in the medical community, as someone who is his or her own best advocate. That commands respect, even in the scariest of circumstances.
I agree with @JLeslie, in that, if the care staff, or the Dentist, or anyone, for that matter, treats you with disrespect…yup-screw ‘em! It’s a fundamental right to be treated as well as anyone else. If your Dentist has a problem with that…walk out. Coming in, armed with research and basic Pharmaceutical info, should be respected. If he treats you dismissively, chalk it up to him being threatened. Take it as a sign that he hasn’t done his homework. If anything it will empower you.
And by the way-you are not a complicated handful. I’ve seen patients who have lists of drug reactions, from pharmaceuticals that aren’t even on the market anymore. That’s why I suggest a Pharmacist. He or she will know what’s out there, and what’s not, and help you with your list.

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My ex was like this too. She’d be dying of a fever and I’d have to basically force her to take some Tylenol to bring it down. Sometimes I would give her medicine and she would only take 1 of the 2 pills, and hide the other. LOL. I thought it was all pretty quirky and cute actually… but there are some times where medicine is necessary. You just have to suck it up and take em. Stop worrying about what could go wrong, and instead just think, “bring it on!”

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@JLeslie Thank you for your reply. The “first” dentist where I passed out (and I was not anxious) had used a slow adrenaline injection. I have tried to work it out since then. Because just prior to the visit I had taken a beta blocker.Perhaps there was an interaction. I am neurotic which doesn’t help matters. So the most recent injection did not have a bad reaction as I had, had his injection before so it was just a panic attack and its awful having one with a needle in your gum and you have to keep still. A dentist prior to this one offered I do an allergic test reaction which I did. But this dentist said if I am allergic then he will give me an award since no one else has ever had a reaction. So yes I am guessing now it is just pure panic. But yes I need to do more research good idea.

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@annewilliams5 Yes that is true. I feel like a new person lately because I am learning my boundaries and asserting them. I have a right to be suspicious of medications since I did have bad experiences before. Thank you.

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@Esedess I hear her! I do now I, bite little bits off tablets to see if it has a bad effect. Then eventually take the whole pill. Of course it takes ages for me to take a course of antibiotics but I get there.

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@Shippy Why adreniline?

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@JLeslie not sure what you are asking? The reaction could have been beta blockers slow the heart and low adrenalin do also . However that is a guess. There are loads of types of injections they use, I am realizing. The one dentist I went to he uses a high adrenalin one and my heart felt like it would fly out of my chest. but i managed. Not the greatest sensation. I may have to have a wisdom tooth pulled and well, you can imagine, its feeling the same as if I was being marched to my death! Yes I know, I am neurotic!

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@Shippy I meant why would a dentist give you adreniline?

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@Shippy Look, I’m Jewish, being neurotic is part of our DNA, stop apologizing for that. No one wants to feel like their heart is coming through their chest, and no one wants to feel like they chose, or allowed themselves to be poisoned.

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@JLeslie I have never watched Woody Allen movies, I think it is time, I might find my neurosis like him, a bit intellectual, rather funny and entertaining, at least!

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@Shippy Did the previous dentist note your racing heart on the chart? You mihht want to carry that page with you when you go for dental work. What you were iven and your reaction. You will appear even more neurotic doing it, but it might help you from being administered the same combination again. My dad’s last colonscopy he told the doctor the meds given last time made him feel very bad. They didn’t give a shit and gave them again, and he wound up in the hospital with a heart rate in the 30’s. They could not even get to doing the colonscopy that day. I have so many examples of doctors not listening to patients about meds.

On the other hand, my husband was sure he was allergic to penicillin, but a doctor prescribed it after questioning him, and he is not allergic. He takes with practically zero side effects, definitely no allergy,

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I hate medications and I try to avoid taking prescriptions and over the counter crap as much as possible. People are having all kinds of reactions and symptoms from those drugs. Then when you die they say “Opps! Sorry we didn’t know you were allergic” or “Well we said that 1 in 10 patients will die, and your the 1.” I have to be in serious shape to take something synthetic. Back in 2007 I had a lump in my breast and they wanted to do a biopsy which meant cutting open my breast. I begged the doctor to NOT put me asleep. He said okay and not only did he do a biopsy, he removed the entire mass from my breast (which was benign) while I was awake. I had to sign a release of course. The most I would let them give me is a Valium 15 minutes before surgery and cream to numb the cutting area. Yea, I still felt the blade but it wasn’t that bad and I think the Valium kept me calm so I wouldn’t jump off the table. I think it’s my fear of the medical system that motivates my Wholistic living habits. I live on green smoothies and raw fruit and veggies and when I’m sick (which is hardly ever), I use herbs and natural remedies. As far as I’m concerned everything can be healed naturally.

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@Akua I can relate so much. I am terrified of being put to sleep. I hope it never happens. I also smoke which I know is bad, plus can cause issues with this too. But more than that I just don’t like it. That sounded fantastic how they handled your surgery. I also search first for natural methods to try and cure something. Currently though, I\ve been on two bouts of antibiotics and now one for my tooth which I hope is just infected. So if you know of any natural remedies for that I would so appreciate.

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The advice I would give you depends a lot on a few things: Are you willing to stop smoking? what is your diet like and would you be willing to modify it at least temporarily? and lastly do you have any other major health concerns? If I were you I would stop smoking immediately. It lowers your immune system and therefore makes you more suseptible to infection. I would suggest taking 2 Super garlic gel caps just before bedtime every night. Drink a green smoothie twice daily (PM me and I’ll give you the details on how to prepare), rinse your mouth 3 times per day with water and sea salt. Eliminate everything white (rice, flour, bread, sugar, pasta, packaged food, processed food, dairy and meat until further notice. Also, brush your teeth with Baking soda only. Add a drop of peppermint oil if you need some flavor in your “toothpaste”. I know these things sound very rigid and it may be difficult for most people and the healthcare system knows this, that’s why they make so much money from the drug industry. People would rather take chances with their health by popping a fix-it-all pill, rather than do what’s necessary to heal their bodies naturally. Go to your local health food store and ask them for probiotics preferably one that has a live organism count of no lower than 25 billion acidopholus. Take these as instructed on the bottle and keep in the freezer. This will help restore your natural flora and intestinal balance after it’s been compromised by cycles of antibiotics that ultimately destroy the good bacteria found in places like the digestive system, the rectum and your mouth. Once they are destroyed you become suseptible to over growth of BAD bacteria like Candida and intestinal worms. Let me know if you want to know more and good luck!

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I’m afraid I just can’t relate to this question. Maybe I am naive, but I have complete trust in my doctor. My only medication fear is running out of pain meds when I have a flare-up with my back. I dislike dental work as much as the next person, but nitrous oxide can have a very relaxing effect. It made me gaze up at my dentist and repeat three times “I love you, Doc!” so I must have been pretty out of it. The reason I overcome my dental work fear is because I have great teeth (all my own at 64) and I want to keep them. Good luck!

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we all do.. these days you take a headache medication with side effects of temporary headache!

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