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Anyone ever cooked with Tandoori spice mix at home?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) March 15th, 2012

I am trying to re-create at home some Tandoori salmon I had. Anyone got a good Tandoori spice mix? Any cooking tips?

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I want to give @Kardamom a GA before she even finishes writing. :)

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Funny – I just had some great tandoori salmon the other day….

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I haven’t really used dried spices to create an Indian flavor, but I often use jarred Indian cooking sauces. Trader Joes has their own brand. But there are lots of others and they’re usually referred to as simmer sauces or cooking sauces.

I know Patak’s makes a whole bunch of different sauces. You can get them online and if you are lucky enough to have an Indian grocery store nearby, you will be able to get Patak’s brands as well as a whole bunch of other jarred cooking sauces made by other Idian companies.

You probably want Tandoori Paste which is the bright red sauce that you often see on Tandoori Chicken. It’s more of a marinade type of sauce rather than a sauce in which you simmer the food.

Although if you want to try to make it yourself, here is a Recipe

And here is one that is a little Less Complicated

This one sounds pretty Straight Foward and comes with a yummy recipe for mango chutney too.

Thanks @dappled_leaves LOL

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I forgot to mention that most regular grocery stores have a selection of Indian cooking sauces in the International section. And so does Whole Foods market.

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@marinelife I think the tandoori paste idea and then grilling on a very high flame might replicate what we had the best.

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