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Are there any other community type sites like The Skeletal Society?

Asked by likipie (1454points) March 15th, 2012

If you don’t know what The Skeletal Society is, please look it up before answering.

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I looked at the site and I am not clear. Is this a place to help women with eating disorders get over their body dysmorphic disorder or encourage it?

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@SuperMouse It doesn’t encourage it, it’s to help girls/women that have eating disorders find someone to talk to (email, letters, etc.) that has the same/similar problem and understands. It doesn’t promote eating disorders but it doesn’t necessarily discourage them either.

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Red flags hit me square in the face.

This site is like talking to a total stranger on the internet.

Could this be the Trojan in disguise?

Sorry, no way would my personal information go to their email address. No matter if it were for women or men.

If the site is true blue, I think the idea is great for men and women who fall into that category.

It would take a lot of investigating, before I hit the send button.

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I know this is not what you want to hear @likipie, but @john65pennington is 100% correct. You are looking for trouble on a site like that. Perhaps this site may be more appropriate, or maybe this one. You were unhappy with the responses on your last question regarding this topic; if I know The Collective, you are sure to receive the same counsel this time.

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I don’t know whether there are other sites like that but it feels sinister. I didn’t like the look of some of those guidelines and if the aim is not to persuade or encourage, why is it saying people must fast each week? Or that they don’t want people who are trying to recover as members?

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This group sounds very unhealthy… they clearly believe in manipulating their members’ emotions to modify their behaviour. Surely that’s the exact opposite of what a person would need if trying to cope with an eating disorder. Also… you want to make sure if you’re getting involved in a group like this that your privacy will be respected. You don’t want to worry 20 years from now that someone can just look you up on the internet and see that you had a serious eating disorder.

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The site sounds like bait for a cult-like group.

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I don’t think it’s hard to find thinspiration blogs and sites out there if you just google for them. I’ve done a lot of work surrounding these subcultures and communities.

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