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Is it safe to smoke cigarettes while using a nicotine patch?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) March 15th, 2012

I think I heard my doctor right when he said it’s ok.

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Only an idiot would do this and too much nicotine will kill you.

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No, he said no such thing. You can overdose from nicotine and die. You should take your patch off and have it off for two full hours before smoking, if that’s what you insist on doing.

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I think nicotine patches work in the sense that there is some sort of additive inserted into your blood stream through your skin. I think that substance is actually nicotine, just a low dose. So now you know why Philip Morris actually produces or works with nicotine patches companies. It’s a win win for them :D Don’t be a sucker, break free, get mad, real mad.

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I have read a few quit smoking pages and the advice I found was that if you slip up occasionally and smoke a cigarette, keep wearing the patches. However, I would not recommend wearing patches if you are still smoking regularly. I think you would be at risk of overdosing on nicotine. Hopefully someone with medical experience can give some more definitive information about the dangers.

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Please reconfirm with your doctor. I think that you misheard.

“Smoking while using the nicotine patch may cause nicotine overdose. This overdose is caused from a build-up of nicotine in a person’s system that their body is not able to handle, which can cause side effects. These effects can range from short-term to long-term and can be mild or very serious. Since there is the possibility of an overdose, doctors suggest that you never smoke a cigarette while on the nicotine patch and refrain from smoking even several hours before or after wearing a patch.

There are long-term and dangerous effects of smoking while wearing a nicotine patch. These include stroke and heart attack.”


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No. It’s not safe to smoke cigarettes while using a nicotine patch. It’s also not safe to smoke cigarettes while not using a nicotine patch.

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I’ve heard stories from people I work with currently who did that. They said it made them really sick, like a worse version of the light-headedness & buzz you get when you first start smoking. Ironically, they also said getting sick like that is what made them quit for good. It’s not safe, but unless you keep smoking after you start feeling sick, which I can’t imagine you’ll be capable of, I think it’s alright to have one cig. Seems a little counter productive, but I understand what you’re going through. Hang in there!

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Definitive answer here, from Nicotinelle, the producers of the nicotine patches I’m using currently.

They are intended both for quitting completely and for cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke. Provided you use the stage 2 patches (around 14/15mg nicotine) not the stage 1 (25mg) it is safe to smoke whilst using a patch, but you should smoke fewer than you do without the patch.

I’ve cut down from 10–12 a day to 3, with the patches, in less than a week.

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An electronic cigarette might be a better alternative. Not only can you vary the amount of nicotine you intake, you can eliminate the smoke (e-cigs produce water vapor) and avoid the high level of cancer producing carcinogens produced by burning tobacco.

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nooo you cant

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You can, but it will probably make you feel like shit. Nicotine poisoning just might make you want to quit that much more though.

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@cheebdragon What’s more likely to happen is @silky1 will stop using the patch altogether and be back to square one.

Kind of reminds me of the stop smoking hypnosis session my wife and participated in. $125 (ea) for a 2 hour hypnosis session. Came right out and immediately lit cigarettes.

I tell ya, it wasn’t my intent, but I haven’t smoked in 3 years, thanks to electronic cigarettes.

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