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Hand Bag Experts: How much would you resale a Christian Dior Rasta Bowler hand bag for?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 15th, 2012

My wife wants to get rid of her Gently Used Dior Rasta Bowler Hand Bag

I’m sort of incompetent in the realm of reselling used bags. I’m used to reselling guitars however. I’m assuming Dior bags are kind of like Rickenbackers or Gibsons of bags? Anyhow, my wife wants to let this bag go for 200$ But according to that site that bag is worth more than 200$. I thinking setting the price at 500$ with an Or Best Offer would be fair what do you think? Also this bag is a 08RU1024 on the tag. I’m assuming it’s made in 08 only? There are only scuffs on the metal feet portion underneath the bag. On a scale of 1–4 4 being pristine I’d rate this a solid 3 in condition, (if it weren’t for the feet)

Thanks for your advice.

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I would auction it on ebay with a reserve of $200. Looks like many Diors go for $149 and up used on ebay.

Use good lighting and a clean white background to take many photos or the bag. Interior, exterior, handles -etc.

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This will be my first time using the reserve feature, I wish I did that with my other sales! Ty.

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@SpatzieLover Best shipping company to ship a bag?

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I use Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. I automatically add insurance for items over $100. I can print all USPS labels directly on ebay and I get a discount.

Otherwise, go with UPS.

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