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Which wedding photographer should I hire for a NJ wedding?

Asked by joefratt (42points) March 15th, 2012

I’m looking for a photographer with an affordable price who takes attractive pictures and is easy to work with. A modest wedding album and disc with pics is all we’re looking for.

It seems that as soon as you say “wedding” you’re charged 5 times the price. Are there exceptions? Anyone out there get good results for less than the usual $2000+?

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It’s a lot of pressure if that’s the demand in that area all photographers are aware of it and charge similar rates. Maybe excusing 100$ Trust me, in that realm with weddings, you get what you pay for. They will work as hard as they are paid. Editing isn’t a walk in the park and events are one of a kind, which rises the pressure to take unforgettable photos.

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Check out – she’s a good friend of mine, great to work with you’ll love her. She also has a Facebook fan page under the same name. I’m pretty sure thats the website.

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