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What is the last romantic thing you did for someone you care about?

Asked by chyna (45005points) March 15th, 2012

As asked because I am living vicariously through others.

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I’m getting ready to give my husband a back massage, with candles glowing around the room, and his favorite Celtic CD playing. And a happy ending, of course.

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I suggested an outing to the Folger Shakespeare Library (he is a Shakespeare fiend).

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I gave my ex a rose in a glass saying “I love you forever” on Valentines Day… I cared about him then.

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Made a fool of myself, stepped on my self-respect.

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I rewrote a cover letter for her and let her pick the tv show.

God gave me nice eyes to compensate for the limited emotional range

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I gave her a foot rub, washed my hands , then did the backrub.

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I gave Milo the juice and some of the solids from a can of very expensive organic wild salmon, yesterday.

He gave me the cold shoulder.

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Last night, I rubbed my husband’s back as he fell asleep. Tonight, I cut his toenails and fluffed his bed pillows. I know, I know… cutting toenails doesn’t sound romantic, does it? But. Would you do it for someone you didn’t love? :p

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“But. Would you do it for someone you didn’t love? :p”

Lol – so true!

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I moved half way around the world.

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I text him this message:
“I will always love you babe and I promise to find a way everyday to show you how much, even when you get on my nerves and all I can think of to say is that I love you”.
The next say he sent me a picture of him in the nude, so I guess were even.

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