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Do you ever feel bad for a mouse when it's being eaten by a cat?

Asked by AshLeigh (16276points) March 15th, 2012

My sisters cat is feasting on a live mouse in my room. :(
It’s wounded, and trying to crawl away from her.
I feel a bit bad.

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A mouse bit my hand when I was 10 years old, so no. As long as you’re not feeding kittens to pythons, I wouldn’t feel too bad.

Btw, does anyone think I could be harboring some kind of dormant virus? Because I never got the bite checked out.

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You should have gotten it checked!!!
I think you would have noticed by now, if you were sick though. :)

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure my short attention span and intermittent twitches are unrelated—lol.

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No way. I love when animals kill and eat other animals! Check out this awesome cat chowing down on a mouse he caught! Muahahaha.

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Not really. Such is the law of the jungle. I’ll put the mouse (or other critter) out of its misery if it’s hurt and my cat is fucking with it, though.

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@AshLeigh didn’t watch the video, did you?

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I didn’t. I wont!

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It’s a cute video of a cat licking a sourpop. Sheesh!

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A few years ago, my kids and I cancelled our plans so we could sit and watch a snake swallow a frog (in our front yard). We sat there and watched all 30 minutes of it. It was fascinating, it was nature, and it was beautiful. I once told that story to someone who thought it was “sick”, and shouldn’t have had the kids there to see that. She then left and took her kids to McDonald’s for cheeseburgers….

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It depends on everyone’s thinking perspective. When we eat non-veg, do we think that we are eating a roasted animal? No, we don’t.

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Shit happens in the real world. There’s a food chain and it usually works out reasonably well in nature. Did that sound like Jude’s voice in the link to the cat ?

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Yes. I realize it’s part of the natural world, I just don’t want to see it when it happens!

@9doomedtodie That’s a good point. We don’t. Maybe it’s because people in Western nations generally don’t eat their prey alive, so there’s a bit of disconnect.

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Yes. One of cat’s made a baby mouse squeal loudly. He wouldn’t just kill the thing…he wanted to play with it first.

We took our cat and the baby mouse outside, and proceeded to pick up our cat by the nape of his neck (which caused him to bite down on the mouse to finally kill it). It then took the two of us to pry the mouse out of his mouth before we could take the cat back in.

I felt horrible for the little thing.

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I was raised on a farm & I’ve learned to just accept the circle of life. Still, I don’t feel the need to watch while it is happening. When it comes to mice, I know they are very unhealthy to have around so I don’t fret when my dogs kill one. I figure it is probably more humane than setting a mouse trap. The hardest part of a cat killing anything is that they don’t just kill it, they play with it for hours for their own amusement!!!

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