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How can I defeat other players in Street Fighter 2 Championship edition in the arcade?

Asked by Eggie (5833points) March 16th, 2012

Ok..this is for all you gamers out there who remembers the old Street Fighter in the arcade. There is a place close to where I live that owns the traditional arcade machine but there are tons of great players there who can do fantastic combos especially with Ken. I personally like playing Sagat but when I am challenged by one of these players I lose to their combos. Is there any experience players out there that can give me some tips on fighting these players?

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Great question. You have to master Sagat’s own combo tricks first and then beat them to the punch. Isn’t it? Good luck. : )

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@mazingerz88 but how do I do his combos?

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I like the game, but I was never very good at it. I can try to give some tips anyway…Ken may have fireballs, but he’s most dangerous when he comes up close. You have to keep them at bay. Now it’s hard to give tips because I don’t know how your opponents play…but you have to stop them from getting too close to combo. Sagat’s strong kick while standing is good against Ken when he jumps towards you, or over a fireball you just hurled. If timed right, you can intercept him before he pulls something off. You might also want to master the use of Sagat’s uppercut, which has a much further range than Ken. Timing again is key. Sagat’s uppercut is devastating in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. (but so is Ken’s…)

You can be cheap and throw barrages of fireballs, altering in an uneven pattern from low tigers to high tigers to try and confuse the player. Moving back or forth while your opponent is getting hit and backing up or falling down can help. It’s hard to explain without showing, but moving the screen after hitting him with a fireball can let you play with the mechanics a bit, insuring that a second fireball will almost always hit.

Yeah, that’s how crappy people like me play. Lol. The Tiger Knee is good too when you’re up close, if you’re good enough to do it fast, and can be followed by several jabs or one strong punch. But I mostly use Sagat as a defensive character and always keep the enemy away from me, or mess em up when they get too close. But again, hard to tell without seeing you and the other people play, and I’m way better with Ryu than anyone other character. (him and Ken do not play the same at all)

But affective against annoying people who always jump towards you or close in constantly is Guile and his moon kick thing. I can’t use him good enough though…there’s probably some cool combos that can be used with that move.

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@Symbeline I can beat the computer easily with the use of my uppercuts with sagat, but I have to work on my Tiger Knee. Do you know how to perform any combos with Sagat? If not with Sagat how about with Ryu, he is also my favorite player.

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Nah…I don’t even think I’ve ever seen any, besides air juggles. Those work good, although they aren’t considered combos…still do a lot of damage if you can pull em off, but personally I always mess up. As I say, I use Sagat to throw fireballs, and then uppercut when people get too close. (which is way easier for me to do than Tiger Knee, even if, essentially, it’s almost the same button combination as the upercut)

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