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Where is a nice creative place to post album art as a portfolio for clients to view?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 16th, 2012

So far I’ve thought of: Tumblr, Behance.Net & that’s about it. Suggestions? Thanks! Currently I’m just using my Flickr link.

Second Question: Is it a pro or a con that people can go through my Flickr link and see my other photos? I’m thinking it’s a plus in the sense that they can see my range of photography as well as other art work.

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There’s also 500px.

What about just Google+? You can decide what stuff to share to the public or share specifically with a person.

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I have some stuff on carbonmade
Don’ be put off by the cutesy intro page, and a smaller portfolio is free
see my free page

who are you on flickr? I’m on flickr too—“anartist_flickr” or anartist on flickr

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I go to art school and I see a lot of students posting their work on I haven’t looked into much myself but I know it’s a site for posting your work. Hope that helps

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No offense @JSpeer But I think DeviantArt is tasteless and cheese ball.

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haha none taken, I’ve never looked into myself – just making sure you had it as an option.

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