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Lol! I just got spam mail? Mods?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) March 16th, 2012

First time spam mail… do you wanna sort this person out? Should I give you their name? Also, it’s quite funny so I wanted to share it with you guys xD
Hello, My name is ________ i am a single young girl, i am interested on your profile, so i would like us to become friends and i hope you do not mind? I would like you to send me an email with my email address ___________ so that i can tell you more about myself and send you my lovely pictures for us to know a little bit about each other and i promise to be a very good friend to you. Thanks as i wait for your reply soonest.
Miss ______ ”

It’s funny how I got this right after I ‘confessed’ to being a guy…

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It happens. Just use the Contact button above to tell someone about it.

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[NSFW] I’d reply and ask her if she wants to be my Cum Sponge for an evening…

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Miss Gloria also hit on me… I whacked her account. Zap .. goneeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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I just got it too. Not the first time. They are repeat customers that I simply could not service due to my work load.

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I’m trying to figure some sort of reason for this:
1) It’s for fun. This person just like to annoy with people.
2) Trying to find out your email account. If you email her (him?), your email will give her your email account. This knowledge can be sold and then used for spam. Worst case is hacking.
3) Something else. If it’s not one of the above, then everything creepy is left.

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I just got mine! Whoohoo!

And yes, I replied [NSFW] asking her if she wants to be my Cum Sponge…

No reply yet :-(

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I got it too.

Maybe you should figure out how to be your own cum sponge, @HungryGuy?

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I got one too!

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I got another…

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Hey, I feel left out!

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Awww… I just came by to report the spammer, but he’s already been gobbled by Poseidon.

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Its a fine night for spam

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^^ Maybe we should make Hawaiian-style sushi out of it.

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Lol, you guys!
@Bellatrix Yep, that’s her.

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Feeling unspamed here.

@MilkyWay You’re a guy?

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I got one too. Deleted her.

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Damn it. I never get those. I feel so ugly and unloved!

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@FutureMemory – I wish I could. But I’m not nimble enough :-(

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@chyna Lol! No! Check out this thread :)

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@MilkyWay oops, my bad.

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At least I got somebody fooled… I don’t think I make a very good liar :/

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Hmmm, I didn’t get one, even though I AM A GUY. Maybe they didn’t recognize that I AM A GUY. I don’t know that such a weird email would interest me, just because they sent it knowing I AM A GUY.

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