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What have you stolen, recently?

Asked by zensky (13357points) March 17th, 2012

Okay so stealing is a bit harsh.

Inspired by the theft of wifi question… and someone who “confessed” to stealing a packet of condiment from a fast food place… so what have you lifted, pilfed, free-loaded or snatched, lately?

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I have not stolen anything lately.
I have copied a lot.

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I’m guilty of hot-linking & downloading copyright images off Google. Bad me.

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I am quite concerned that, in revising an essay, I may have accidentally ended up stealing a three-word phrase that may or may not be a) common enough and b) short enough to not really be considered plagiarism.

I also steal the plastic silverware at Chipotle. They’re just so sturdy and solid.

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Thunder and lightning from Zeus. : )

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I have stolen time and used it lavishly on sitting in my chair reading.

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The hearts of naive parents. ;)

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Half of a half of a chocolate bunny. I don’t think she noticed, but I felt bad when she offered me some later that evening.

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I do not steal.

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I stole a ride on a passing star. Not knowing where I was going, how near or how far.
Other than that, nothing.

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I took a toy car when I was 5. My parents made me go back and tell the store owner what I did. Although lately someone got my sense of optimism. I wish they’d bring it back.

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A beer glass. Usually, I just ask, but this time I didn’t.

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My life of crime involves nabbing extra napkins in restaurants to stash in my cars console, otherwise, I do not steal. The last thing I stole was a rock from a kid in 3rd grade, and I was so scared I put it back. lol
I’m just not built to be a thiff, my conscience is too strong.

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I pilfered mass gold coins and Japanese swords from some disgruntled samurais, with my level 26 thief…but in real life, I haven’t stolen anything lately. I shoplifted once as a teen and got busted. Otherwise yeah, I might be a vulture sometimes and make off with ketchup packets and stuff, but it’s free!

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A thiff? WTH is a thiff? lol

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I don’t think it counts as stealing, not sure? I have taken little shampoos and soaps from my hotel room, but just what is already there for my use, I haven’t raided the housekeeper’s cart or anything.

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That’s not stealing, you have paid for the products in your hotel room.

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@Coloma Yeah, that’s what I think also. I have taken napkins to keep in my car, like someone mentioned above. But, it would be just a couple, I don’t take handfuls. Oh, an extra straw from McD’s. But, I don’t always use a straw there, so I think it balances out.

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@JLeslie That was me, the napkin hoarder. Nothing worse than to not have napkins in your car when you need one. Once, I made my daughter blow her nose with a mini pad when she about 11, hahaha…well…it worked!

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@Coloma It’s very very rare. Only when I am travelling a long distance. I don’t eat in many restaurants that I could take them from except when road tripping.

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Thanks for stealing the thread.

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@zensky Oh come on, really?

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Half a dozen chocolates from a box of the wife’s…....tomorrow i’m dead :¬(

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The last time I stole anything I was 6. I can’t even pilfer from the kid’s very generous hallowe’en bag.

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Are you the new sheriff? I’m not going to post a confesion here, but it was very valuable.

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I stole my daughter’s gummy bears this afternoon. nom nom nom.

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I take napkins and extra straws and plastic forks and knives from whoever gives them out for free. I take more than I need at the time for whatever I bought to eat on that occasion. I don’t really consider that theft, or I wouldn’t do it.

I also may be a time thief. But I’m not clear who I’m stealing it from.

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Napkins?! You horrible monster!!

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I did my taxes yesterday.

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