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Can you sync Facebook events with the iPhone calendar?

Asked by RareDenver (13163points) March 17th, 2012

Is there functionality to do this with the existing Facebook app? Is there another app out there that can do this? Anyone want to write an app to do this?

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I don’t know that this is possible, but it would be extremely useful to me!
Also, RD.. I may have a pranking mission in London for you if you’re up to it!

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@Dr_C tell me more

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Boss’s son moved to London with his GF. Her parents had abandoned her in Mexico since she was 14 (20’s now). They lived in his parents’ home for over 4 years. She got him into quite a bit of trouble and eventually caused a split in the family. They left the country and decided to open a food stand in London where her parents are.

Well, this girl (who I’m convinced is bipolar, and is rather violent), got mad at him one day… kicked him out on his ass with nothing but his passport to his name while sick. Her parents refused to help him, and were incredibly cruel.

So once I formulate my plan… the idea is to make these people somewhat miserable.

You up for it?

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@Dr_C doesn’t really sound like something I want to get myself involved in.

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Good. I kinda came up with it after a night of heavy drinking.

In hindsight, this is not one of my better ideas.

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If you hadn’t noticed iOS6 now shows your Facebook Calendar :-) them Apples at Apple must monitor this site very closely

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But why do they show events you have declined? That is getting pretty annoying.

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