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How many people would pay to go in a room and smash glass and furniture with your weapon of choice?

Asked by JSpeer (362points) March 17th, 2012

I’m thinking of opening a place where you can do just that! If you’ve had a stressful day, got fired, got dumped, or feel like taking out some natural rage – come inside, and we’ll let you smash a bunch of things with a baseball bat, crow bar, golf club, or sledge hammer. From suspended glass window panes, stacks of dishes, to full bookshelves, tvs, and more! I’m trying to get some feedback to see if this is something people would come to do and be excited about. I may even do it in a souped up enclosed trailer so I can take the room to your business or even right to your home!

Would you pay between $20—$40 to do something like this? What would you like to see happen in a business like this?

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I’d love it! But I bet you’ll have to charge more than $20 to $40. I bet it would have to be expensive to restock, even if you use crappy old broken furniture and crap.

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I doubt you’d be able to afford the liability insurance.

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If I needed to do that, I would take a saw or ax and clear out the blowdown in my woods.

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ok well then how much would you be willing to pay? I feel like most people wouldnt pay around $50 to do it. But I could be wrong. If I had a large building with a room you could run around and spend a half hour in that would be a different story i think – I am going to use a trailer to start, and that is not a very large amount of space to restock – the “customer” would probably be done smashing everything within a few minutes. ( I want more of a quick, destructive, outburst of stress release that will feel good). And that way I can quickly clean it out and restock it so the net person can come in. Rememeber I want this to be a thing I can do at parties, businesses, ont he street, etc. So its more of a MOBILE version of the concept. Thats why id like to go with glass (maybe buy cheap glasses, plates, etc in bulk and then figure out the price per customer from there).

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@gailcalled I live in NJ/NYC so we dont have our own woods here lol. And most people here wouldnt wanna get their shoes dirty hah

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I also live in a city and don’t have any opportunities to smash things.

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My weapon of choice would not be suitable for an indoor setting.

My choice would include large quantities of gunpowder and lead.

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@JSpeer: Use Palisades Park or the Pine Barrens, or help clear a friend’s property? There are lots of ways to harness anger energy constructively. Change to boots.

Come to my house, build or repair a dry wall, dig holes for large trees, prune mature hemlocks and pines, dump gravel in newly formed pot holes in driveway. I’ll provide lunch and pay you $25/hour.

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No. I never get that frustrated.

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Just what the world needs more opportunities to act like children and destroy inert objects.
Counter productive to what little hope remains for human evolution.A much better choice would be a meditation class and massage. I’ll just stick to my non-violent relaxation pursuits like my hot tub and a glass or two of wine thanks.

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Certainly! Sign me up.

I am also a city dweller.

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There are actually already a few businesses that do just that.

It sounds like fun, but if I had a choice, I’d rather go to a Knob Creek machine gun shoot or something similar if I was going to be paying to destroy things.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – There is that. But where I live, it’s illegal to even think about owning a gun :-p

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@HungryGuy, I’m willing to bet that isn’t actually the case. Where do you live?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard—New York. Love it! And I was never a gun aficionado, so that doesn’t bother me too much (though I do sympathise with rural folk who like their guns and mistrust gun control).

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@HungryGuy in the city, you are pretty much out of luck, but the state itself is quite a bit more lenient. I don’t know how they treat the ownership or use of NFA items though. It’s something I’ll look into.

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Well, anyone that wants to come over and shoot all the damn turkeys that have me under siege, bring your weapons. lol #@&^$# Tukeys, eating all my goose feed, they’re outta control!

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@Coloma pay me with backrubs and a share of the turkey meat and I’ll be on the next flight out!

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lol yea you have to remember that I live right outside of NYC, we are lazy, dont want to travel, and we’d have a hard time getting our hands on guns and things to shoot or destroy. also, theres something special about throwing something against a wall, or smashing it with a hammer and feeling the satisfaction of that rather than pulling a trigger and letting the bullet destroy it. Not that shooting things doesnt feel great, its just a different feeling (my opinion)

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@Coloma only if I can get a turkey license without giving up an arm and a leg.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard @WestRiverrat

I’m not exagerating, I am, literally, running outside and throwing rocks at them every 15 minutes. lol
Back rubs, happy brownies and turkey meat for expert marksmen! ;-P

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Not my thing. I’ve had plenty to be angry at in the last few months but smashing things was not an attractive option.

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Yeah, that would be fun.

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Not my thing either. I’d rather grab the squishy balls with all the tentacles and shake the living daylights out of them.

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Sounds like a typical saturday night in a glasgow pub, they get to drink beer for their money too, what a bargain.

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Yes I would pay. As long as the stuff can’t be used anymore, I would pay $10 an hour and My weapon of choice was provided, and someone one site had a first aid kit.

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Probably thousands, but it would have to be a reasonable price. I agree with $10 an hour, as above.

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I’ve read in a couple places that expressing rage does not relieve it but actually causes more. It’s like it feeds itself. I’m not pulling up the reference right now, but I’m sure I remember that one correctly. You could end up with patrons escalating and hurting each other.

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There are bars in Japan that have closets for breaking dishes. They don’t charge extra to use it, you just have to replace the dishes you break. I think you would be better off not charging by the hour but by the piece.

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I love the Glass Tower app on my iPhone so yep I would give it a go. It sounds like fun!

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shiiiiit….sign me up for this event. A case of beer, some cheeto’s and a “Big Stick” baseball bat and now yer talking. Batter up!! Hell, I might move in. :)

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