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What exactly is a day of silence?

Asked by Awww (113points) May 24th, 2008 from iPhone

My neighbor came over today saying that her school once held a “day of silence” I have no idea what this is.

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It have to do with tolerance of people that are different. At my son’s school it has to do with the gays.
Students and staff participated.

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Is this not disgusting?

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is that the guy from NSYNC?

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Is this not disgusting?”

This is what makes us all special, and able to practice what we believe. The basis for this country. I am not say thing I agree or disagree with this choice, just that I am happy we are able to have the choice.

I think disgusting is a bit strong of word.

Education, is to make us think, and see a Day of Silence is doing just that.

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I guess its disgusting that any group of people can be discriminated against so badly in this day and age…

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Jesus, if he were alive today, would probably be an accepting and humanistic individual and not be so blind as to judge people on such simple things as who they choose to love. I HIGHLY doubt he would EVER declare a person to be ‘disgusting’ no matter what their life decisions are.

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I am totally confused as to what the disgusting part is?? Maybe I live a very sheltered life….but is it disgusting to value people? If I believe or act differently from others am I disgusting?

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Nagilum, that took me a second but I chuckled when I FINALLY figured it out.

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Would he really be accepting?
If the bible says that homosexuality is a sin, and the bible is suppose to be Gods word, and if Jesus is the son of God…...
would he really be accepting??
I’m not saying I agree with it, I dont care either way, I’m just thinking that this may not be a wwjd kind of situation…..

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@cheeb; I think He’d be accepting because times-are-a changing.
I’ve never heard of a day of silence, its really interesting. I think more schools should recognize it.
@“aww”; how is that disgusting?

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Maybe a better question would be…...
what would you do if you were Jesus?......

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It’s disgusting that my neighbor would have to go through so much to survive that day at school because her friends are gay. I think it’s sad/disgusting because she nearly got kicked out from her school for sitting with her gay friends at school although she wasn’t gay. I apolagize for any misunderstandings, gayness OR the people themselves are not disgusting. It’s the hassle kids must go through now a days.

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In the “Day of Silence” that schools hold, you do not have to be silent. Only those who sign up and care enough about the cause are silent.

@awww why was she almost kicked out of school.

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Because she chose to sit with her friends at school (her friends are gay, and she isn’t) They told her they won’t tolerate it, I guess you have to sit with your ‘type’?

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I don’t believe you. I’m fairly sure you’re just trying to save face after making a bigoted comment.

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I have to go with del on this one.
Any school that did anything that discriminatory would be slapped with a huge lawsuit.

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Awww, how old are you?

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I understand the concept of the day of silence, I guess, but wouldn’t it be more productive to do something more vocal – like writing a letter to an editor, or starting a petition. Does the day of sience in school mean the participating students don’t have to answer questions or particpate in class dicussion? If so, the students’ particular cause is no excuse to have a “day off” from their educational resposibilities.

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