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How do you explain the problem I had with an Internet connection?

Asked by LostInParadise (27667points) March 17th, 2012

I bought a new computer, but it did not recognize my Internet connection. The Ethernet light on my modem did not go on. Using the same setup, I have no problem connecting my laptop computer. I brought the computer back to Best Buys, where I bought it. They were able to connect it to the Internet using my cable. Their suggestion was to check with Verizon, who provide my DSL connection. Instead, I returned the computer and bought one from a different company, which I am now using to ask this question.

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Into what are you plugging the other end of the cable ?

Th other, different computer works just fine now ?

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The other end goes into the modem, and the other computer works just fine.

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I’m gonna guess that the default network settings on the one that didn’t work weren’t like the ones that work.
The working ones might be set up to look for DHCP service to let them reach the internet through your router/modem.
The not working one might have been looking for a DHCP service at one of the few ‘standard’ common IP addresses (e.g. where maybe the actual service is available at another of the ‘standard’ defaults (e.g.

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@dabbler… that doesn’t explain why the Geek Squad was able to connect.

Were you using a router?

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@gambitking , I was not using a router. It was a direct connection to a modem

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@gambitking It does explain it if, hypothetically, the Geek Squad has the ‘standard’ IP for their DHCP service that would work for that machine’s default configuration. Back home @LostInParadise would have a different one.

We can only guess, without more detail, there are lots of things that can influence successful internet connection.
Clearly there’s something about the machine that didn’t work that is less tolerant of variations than the other machines that do work. And it’s idea of what’s right doesn’t match @LostIn Paradise’s home setup.

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