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What amusing coincidence always seems to follow something you do?

Asked by Pandora (30743points) March 18th, 2012

I washed and wax my car yesterday. It was a bright and sunny day like so many days before it. I forgot to check the weather for today, but the clouds are really dark and the air is thick with moisture. No doubt it will rain. Whether I wash my car or someone else, it always seems to be followed by a day of rain. I always joke, that if a drought ever came all I would have to do is wash my car every other day and that should end it.
So what funny coincidence seems to follow something you do?

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I’ll be at work and it’s so boring. No one calls, no one needs help or advice and no one comes looking for me. As soon as I start eating lunch a hundred calls come in and the parents are knocking at the office door. Or it’ll be quite ALL day and 5 minutes before I’m supposed to clock out and go home someone decides to call with this long and detailed issue that inevitably keeps me in the office way past punch out time.

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I’ll cook a real nice dinner and my wife and the kids come home with take out.

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Oh I have another one! I’ll make plans to go someplace special with hubby and on that day he’ll get mandated to do overtime at work and can’t go.

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@Akua, Oh yeah! That will happen with Skype. For weeks I can go without hearing from anyone but the moment I am busy making a big meal or have friends over, that is when my phone and skype ring off the hook.
@Cruiser, I really can relate. I’ll have a craving to make a dish I haven’t made in ages and that is when my daughter or husband will also show up with take out. Only they know to call ahead before I start or they are dead meat.

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Your question applies to police calls….BIG TIME.

Being busy on calls Friday and Saturday, is understandable.

But, you are enjoying a nice, quiet Sunday morning. You have not received a call in two hours and you just know that you are bidding time, until all hell breaks loose.

It never fails.

Too much quietness, in police work, means a major event is about to happen and always does.

Good question. jp

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@john65pennington Ah, the old, quiet before a storm. Funny thing, this really does seem to apply to nature as well. You won’t hear of any volcano’s or hurricanes or any natural disaster for a long while and then it seems just about ever continent is being hit with something all within a couple of months of each other; killing hundreds or thousands. Ever notice natural disasters seem the most in between large wars. Its almost feels as if nature has a quota on how many people can live on the planet. But since we do continue to grow, I guess that isn’t the case. At least I hope not.

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Constant hard drive failures. Whenever my systems are dying, it is the hard drive.

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After orgasm, I always seem to fall asleep.

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and they never caught you? amazing!

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@Pandora haha, the same thing just happened to me. Washed and buffed my car last Saturday and it was lookin’ great, then, went into 6 days of rain starting Tues. and now my poor car is covered in muddy little cat paws from my cat running all over it in the garage the last few days. Oh brother!

Also, last year I just had a full safety check on my car and everything was in great shape when, on the way home in a driving rainstorm, my driver side windshield wiper flew off on the highway! lol
Gotta laugh, I love irony!

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Same here! It ALWAYS rains after I wash my car :/

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If you think “disaster” is funny, well, that applies often enough, I suppose.

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When it’s a full moon, the singers that I teach start doing phenomenal work. It’s crazy.

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I left out…........

The moon. Lotsa babies born during a fool moon.

Gravity pull is the strongest on Earth and criminals.

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Well, ...there was that time that I was on my way to the comedy club when….................. .
It was most amusing.

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I work outside.
I can make it rain, by just putting my rain gear away so that it is hard to get.

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@filmfann Your right. I put away the winter gloves and scarfs and hats. Haven’t really needed most of this winter. But 2 days after putting them away the temperature dropped down from 70’s to 36.
Your right about rain gear as well. The weather man can predict rainy weather and I will carry my unbrella in my car and no rain comes. Then when he says the weather is clear and I decide to leave my unbrella, that is when it rains. (although I think its just their way of screwing with people)

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@CWOTUS In that case, I didn’ mean funny as in ha, ha, but rather funny as in it is a strange coincidence.

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I’m out there in all weather (freezing cold rain, snow, ice, and just plain cold) throughout the dark winter jogging nearly every single day and very rarely see anyone else jogging. Rarely I get injured (usually tendonitis) which forces me to lay off the jogging for a while. It never fails that whenever this happens the weather suddenly turns terrific and I see everyone out there jogging.

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Oh I have another one that’s kind of silly. How come as soon as I get comfortable in my bed and I’m just about to fall asleep THEN I feel like I have to pee? I didn’t have to go to the bathroom before. It takes me a good 5–10 minutes to get back to sleep.

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