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Help with a global survey?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) March 18th, 2012

As part of our citizenship program at school, we had to pick a topic and than go out and do a local survey, and a global one. Most of my classmates chose to do the global survey via facebook but I thought hey, why not Fluther? :D So here’s the question:
Men: Does race play a part in what you think is a ‘beautiful’ woman? Or a woman you would want to have a relationship with?
Women: Does race play a part in what you think is a ‘handsome’ man? Or a man you would want to have a relationship with?
I need honest answers here guys, and it’s okay if you don;t want to answer… it is a pretty personal subject.
Thanks in advance :D

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No, fuck no. I grew up in San Diego around Navy brats this probably shaped me. I’ve shooked the hand of every major listed race. I learned early on, every human needs water, food, sleep, and shelter for peace of mind. Beauty to me as an artist is by shape of design. If she has a cute face, cute ass, cute chest, cute facade then chances are I can get into her. Shallow people beware, I eat shallow chumps up for breakfast.

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No. I find men of all races attractive, based on what I find attractive. Infact, I adore Asian men, smart as they come, and brains turn me on. :-)

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When I was younger, I was an equal opportunity dater, having dated women of almost every race on the planet. No race has a monopoly on beauty, brains or personality.

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This is complicated. I’m quite sure that there isn’t any race from which I couldn’t find a woman I would consider gorgeous. In that sense then, race would play no part. But still, I would probably have more difficulty doing that among some races than among others.

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Well… maybe sometimes.

Asian and Indian women very often (more often than not) have a certain ‘look’ that fascinates me. (No, I don’t think it’s “the submissive female thing” that others have claimed as a reason for liking Asian women.) But aside from the Asian / Eurasian ‘look’ that attracts me, I seem to be drawn to women of all races to a greater or lesser degree.

Let me put it this way: I don’t dislike any women because of race. Does that help?

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@CWOTUS Yes. it does. Thank you :)

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I am drawn by type. I like redheads, fair skin, the most. A small piece of xenophobia that “colors” my initial reaction may be rooted in the fact that I grew up in an homogenous “whitebread” community.

That being said, I often find Asian women exceptionally attractive. I acknowledge in myself a fear of hostility from dark skinned women. However, once I get over that initial hump, I find them appealing and attractive.

In reality, the women I have been close to have picked me more than vice versa. I imagine if a woman of color was attracted to me, I wouldn’t see her as different than any different from other women in that exceedingly small group.

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I wouldn’t have a problem dating or marrying any man that I deem as handsome and as long as we are attracted to each other. So no, race would not play a part.

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I don’t consider race an issue at all, now. I grew up in a white redneck town, with a redneck family. I went to college, 25000 people of all races and I made friends with all kinds of people. Guess what, race means nothing. My family is just the opposite. My mother still complains about “mixed raced couples”. Do you need more info than that?

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@Adirondackwannabe Nope, that’s fine :)

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Not for me, I would say every race has its fair share of beautiful women. By choice I would prefer someone of my own race as we would likely have more in common.

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No, race does not play a part in determining whether I find someone attractive or date-able. I have dated men of all races and cultures.

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I don’t think race has much of a bearing on men I find attractive – as long as they are amusing, kind and aren’t raddled with cultural guilt as some seem to be.

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Race is a physical feature, and physical features always have an affect on what we think is attractive. That’s what being handsome or beautiful is: having physical features combined in a way we like. So “yes” to the first part of the question. But “no” to the second part of the question: I wouldn’t discount someone as having relationship potential because of race.

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Physical beauty is found in all races.

I’m a caucasian man (mutt of mostly Irish and European ancestry) and I married to a 100% Chinese woman. My wife’s race has never had any influence whatsoever in our relationship or how I thought of her. I’ve always thought of my her as the unique person that she is and not of a race. When I think of my wife I think of who she is not what race she is.

What is important are compatibility and mature romantic love. NOT race.

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No, not really. I will admit that for some weird reason I’m not usually attracted to men with really dark skin, but there are still men in that category that I find attractive.

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No. Honestly, it’s not something that enters my mind. For me, it’s the person first.

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If they stand my guts and respect my ways. it shouldn’t matter.

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I don’t know how to answer this really. I find beautiful people from all races. I tend to be very attracted to an “ethnic” look. Dark hair, olive skin. Actually, the dark hair seems to be the bigger deal and a medium build. I am much more about the features than the color of the skin. I find it very odd some black people in America evaluate each other’s beauty based on how dark they are within the “race,” I don’t pay attention to that at all in terms of how beautiful one might be, or how successful, or any other assumption. In terms of relationship, in the end, it is all about personality, things in common, integrity, trust, similar values, and not about race or looks. People become beautiful when you respect and love them, even if you might not have found them beautiful at first glance.

If it interests you I’m a very fair skinned, brown haired, blue eyed girl who married a man born and raised in Mexico (second generation) who is half Israeli, quarter Spanish, quarter French, and looks rather mediteranean with skin that tans easily, amber brown eyes, and black wavy/curly hair.

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Not really.

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This question has stirred up a multitude of wonderful memories! : D

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I find certain races to be more physically attractive than others. But it is the insides that really count so race would not be a deal maker or breaker for me.

I have noticed so often that a mixture of 2 races often produce children more beautiful than either race separately.

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No and currently N/A

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I have very light complexion. I find the contrast with lovers having dark complexion (black, Asian, Hawaiian, you name it) fascinating and a great turn0i

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Initially I thought that, no, race did not matter to me but the more I thought about it, mentally picturing (and googling) beautiful women, the more I came to realize that while race itself does not matter, what I consider beauty seems to be primarily based on what I view as caucasian features. So, maybe?
Male from Texas

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This question makes me wonder if someone answers race matters, and they only like their own race, does that make the person racist? What if they prefer, are more attracted to, people in a different race themselves? Is that racist too?

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@JLeslie I don’t think so, this question is about beauty, I believe, therefore is a matter of taste, not race.

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@JLeslie I’d say racism involves a belief that race is an indicator of something other than physical appearance, e.g. morality, intelligence, work ethic, hygiene. If someone has these assumptions, even on a subconscious level, it may influence their perception of beauty. But that doesn’t mean that finding certain racially linked traits aesthetically unpleasant is necessarily linked to other judgements.

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Thank you to everyone who answered, you really helped out a lot :D

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I won’t give this a a ‘great question’, but I will say it is great that you ask for class. To clarify any misconceptions: Race is a physical characteristic, which means belonging to a specific ethnicity or group sharing the same culture. Therefore, yes, race does play a role in what I find sexually appealing, but not in what I find to be attractive, which is distinct.

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