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What is the cheapest way to get a legitimate Masters in MFC?

Asked by Dog (25056points) March 18th, 2012

I have the brains to do it. I am a very serious student.
To get legitimately hired I need my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling with emphasis on Art Therapy.

Unfortunately we make just enough money to not get financial aid and, even with scholarships, there is no way we can afford for me to go.

I am considering selling my car and some other misc stuff to help cover it, but the degree programs seem to total 50–80k. My 1995 mustang is not going to even put a notch in that, but it will be a start. I will also be working part time as I go and taking care of our three kids who are still at home.

I will apply for every scholarship I can, but was wondering if there were any cheaper yet legit alternatives out there.

My dream was to be a Clinical Art Therapist. But that hope is fading pretty fast. Bottom line is I need a job and anything I get now will be a dead end till I get a Masters degree. If the art aspect does not work out I think I could get a decent job with the MFC Masters.

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You could always borrow the money.

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I suppose I could but we have a lot of debt already. Affording the loans or even getting approved could be iffy. Plus it would not be subsidized. I am just hoping there are cheaper ways out there of getting my Masters. Something under $40k would be ideal.

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Can you get into an institution where you can get a full ride?

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Could you get a job and take courses part time for a bit?

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I’m curious how you’re making your calculations. I would estimate a masters degree would be at most 50 credit hours, which would mean that you plan on paying $1,000 to $1,600 per credit hour. That seems high to me.

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Move to Canada? Not kidding – it would cost you less than half of that, even if you’re paying international fees.
Example program (2 years)
Recent fee schedule.

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I know someone who is getting an MFC through the University of Phoenix – distance ed program. I suspect that is cheaper than an ordinary university but she is not very happy with the course.

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@janbb University of Phoenix is famous for not being a real university. No one will take a degree from there seriously.

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@dappled_leaves I know what it is and don’t respect it but I believe this person feels it will lead to licensure.

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