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Hypothetically speaking what would you do in this scenario?

Asked by hypotheticalspeaker (36points) March 18th, 2012

Say you are the father or mother of a young child. About 12–14 or so. If someone were to take a knife and threaten her life, and had the intent to kill her what would you do? Let’s say it’s been a couple of days and you see the attacker on the streets, and let’s assume you can get away with anything.

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That person is dead.
Edit Isn’t that too cold?

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Hypothetically, I would call the police after which I would make a citizen’s arrest.

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I would call the police.

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I would do everything I could to prevent that person from crossing paths with my child ever again and at the same time making it clear to that person that in no uncertain terms that IF they even come near my kid it will be the last move they make without the assistance of a caretaker.

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I would call the police, and attempt to detain or follow the person so the police didn’t lose him.

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If he only threatened one of my daughters and my daughters are both now safe and sound? I’d call the cops, and follow behind the attacker until the cops showed up.

If the attacker actually harmed one of my daughters and had the intent to kill her, I’d murder the ever-lovin’ shit out of him in cold blood, and never have a moment’s regret.

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I can get away with anything? Well then, grab kid, duct tape kids mouth, zip tie the kids hands/feet, and throw kid in trunk. Drive out to deserted farm/shack about 40 minutes out of town. Drag kid into shack. Inform kid that their reign of terror has ended. Just to let the kid know I’m serious, smash the pinky on the kid’s non-dominant hand. Drop kid in ditch about 10 miles out of town.

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I hope I am never so tempted.

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A couple days later, the cops would have already been involved. Depending on where this were at that point, would depend on my actions. If the police were actively looking for the person, I’d call the police and keep tabs on the person until they arrived to arrest them. If they had already be brought in and were out for some reason, I’d get out of the area to avoid doing something I’d regret.

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I would become the next Hannibal Lecter!

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I mean, the sober response is to kick him to the floor & put my foot in his mouth while waiting for the police.
However, my hypothetical reaction would be to drag him back to my garage & go to work on his genitals with a pair of pliers & a blow torch, much more satisfying.

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I don’t have children, so I’ll say this was one of the children that were going to be my sisters step children…
If anyone ever tried to hurt either of those children I would cut their genitals off, and feed it to them. Then sew them back on after their done shitting it out, just so I can cut them off again, and repeat the process.
I would shove their head so far up their ass, that it comes back out their mouth.
I would take their skull, and use it as a bed pan.
And I wouldn’t lose any sleep at night, so long as Kim and James are safe.

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I would tie them to a chair in a pitch black room and run around them wearing tap shoes and periodically beating them in correspondence with the noise, until they were driven mad.

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I’d report the situation to the police along with a direct confrontation towards said person. I have a way of coming across in a very confident and firm manner and there would be no need for sloppy emotions. The person in question would have no doubt as to the seriousness of my words.

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I’m not going to lie… id probably follow the person and call one of my more sadistic friends to pay them a visit…

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