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Access Atlantis, but save some bucks on lodging?

Asked by metadog (378points) March 19th, 2012

Hi! We once spent a day at Atlantis as a part of a shore excursion from a cruise. We really liked it and would now like to do a Bahamas trip. Atlantis is pretty pricey, though we aren’t cheap, we aren’t made of money either. I have heard that there are other hotels that are affiliated with Atlantis, are nice, but not so expensive. Do you know of any and can you suggest where I could look for more information. Thanks!

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Yes, you can. The Comfort Suites Paradise Island offers full access to Atlantis. There are some fees (for the Health Club), but you can access the beach and other facilities and you have signing privileges at the restaurants.

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We visited Atlantis in the daytime too. Some of its beaches are very nice and just open to the public. So depending on how much access you want, you could really stay anywhere. It is worth googling to see exactly what parts are public.

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