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Do you wish you can recall your politicans?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) March 19th, 2012

19 states allow this process and Ohio wants to join that group. Do you want your state to be on that list?

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My state is on the list. Hopefully we’ll suceced.

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Yes, I do.

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Most of them I would prefer to forget. They are bad memories. I wouldn’t recall them if I could avoid it.

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Why we haven’t recalled our Governor in Illinois is mind boggling to me. Perhaps we have become lackadaisical and now we simply expect the Attorney General to step in and indict the Governors.

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Americans need to re-learn that losing an election is not losing your rights. Buck up and work harder next time.

Recalls turn government from a process designed to take care of the people’s business into a 365/24/7 campaign, led by the most radical rabies-infested shrieking whining crybabies.

We live in a big country. Real adults understand that there are differences of opinion and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

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Recall only for criminal misbehavior. Not political agenda. As others have written, work harder for next election, instead of voting with your emotions, vote with research of topics and candidates.

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@kelly There has become such a blurred line between criminal misbehaviour and political agenda these days that it is seldom so black and white.

I am not a Wisconsin resident anymore, but I have family and friends back there. My blood boils when I think about how a person like Scott Walker can get elected, but then I have to remind myself, Wisconsin is the State that brought the US Joe McCarthy.

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I have to agree with @jaytkay on this one. There can be good reasons for a recall but it seems we are turning the election process into a 24/7 full time process. If you want legislation driven by polls then this is the way to do it. Recalls are expensive, time consuming, and disrupt all other government business. Getting and validating signatures has turned into a game driven by the most radical and designed to alter the balance of power rather than to eliminate any specific individual. We are opening Pandora’s box. I can only hope that for once, we choose wisely.

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Oh, my. It never occurred to me that some states don’t allow that.

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