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Where to find erotic anime-style art prints on canvas?

Asked by Esedess (3298points) March 19th, 2012

I want to hang some erotic art in one of my rooms, but I want it to be anime style art, and on canvas, as to look nicer. Is there anywhere that sells this type of art, or somewhere I can send a print and they can print/paint it onto a canvas for me?

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Eh, I don’t find these particularly erotic, but it might be a place to start. But pretty much anything you can find can be put to canvas.

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Deviantart artists often sell canvas prints of their art at sorta reasonable prices

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@Thammuz When you say “canvas prints” do you mean they just print their art onto a canvas through Kinko’s or something? Or do they actually paint it onto the canvas?

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@Esedess No clue, never bought one.

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Esedess check this out She is pretty hot! All I did was search erotic anime art. This was the first thing that cropped up. You could check further on ebay and also on etsy. I think you will find a much greater variety if you stick to canvas transfer. Painted canvas depends on the skill of the painter and will usually cost more. Thammuz suggestion of Deviantart is a good one. Also try galleries of online fantasy websites. Many times the artists sell reproductions or will do a custom piece for you.

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Go to Then go to the print shop on the left. Once you’re there, click on the wrapped canvas option on the left. Then search erotic anime and then browse away.

It would be more economical to buy nice prints and frame them yourself, either from Deviantart’s print shop or find erotic anime style artists on there and buy prints directly from them (which I reccommend as it helps the artists out a lot more and they will give you a way better deal, DA takes 50% of the profit plus the base printing cost.) Also, the print shop limits the artists you can buy from on there since you have to have a print account on DA, and most good artists with business sense like to do it themselves on their pages.

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Thanks you guys! I’ll check out Deviant art when I get home!

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