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Are winter, leafless airphotos available through Google Maps or other free search services?

Asked by kelly (1918points) March 19th, 2012

summertime airphotos are fine for most searches, but sometimes bare leafless trees offer more ground detail. Can’t find that option on Google Maps. Airphotos flown for assessor or highway dept, etc are almost always in late fall to early spring (in areas with leaf trees) but they are not usually accessible online, if at all. and if they are, they are not searchable by street address.

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I don’t know of one specifically for this purpose but there are some other tools that might help with your search.

Bing Maps offers alternative imagery and also has a 45 degree angle that may provide what you’re looking for, it seems to be based on different images.

Mapquest also seems to use different imagery or at least from a different time frame in a couple tests.

There’s also street view on google maps, but I’m assuming you found that.

There are probably others, hopefully one of them will fit the bill where you’re looking.

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