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Can you come up with a new name for a, (possibly) soon to be discontinued newspaper?

Asked by rebbel (24967points) March 19th, 2012

Like in other countries too, in the Netherlands we have a few free newspapers, which are distributed mainly in public transport (stations).
One of them is going to be discontinued (that is what the publisher wants), but the workers for the paper are thinking of restarting it.
They may publish a paper version, or maybe an online version.
Anyway, they are asking for a new name for their paper.
Now it is called De Pers (The Press).
The winning name (the person that comes up with it) will get a three year subscription (the new newspaper will be a paid version).
So, can you help me win a free paper?!
Some tips: they aim(ed) to be a quality paper, and it is mainly directed to (young(er)) commuters and people who are new to newspapers.
And there are two other free papers, which are named Metro and Spits.

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The Re-Press

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The Informant

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Ajax & I shall receive.

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The Daily Courier.

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De Nieuwe Pendelen Pers.

Does it make any sense?

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All but the “Pendelen” part, @ZEPHYRA.

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I was aiming at something else!

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Heen en Weer Nieuws

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I admire your creativity and your efforts to make Dutch ones, @ZEPHYRA!

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HEY!! My name is DUTCHess for reason!!

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The Fold.

Yes, I am impossibly clever

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The unlitterboxable

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The Beacon

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The New Press
The Free Press

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Goedemorgen, Goede Middag en Goede Avond

For any Truman fans in NL.

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