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So is there pain(NOT physical) in everyone?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) March 19th, 2012

Is there anyone who can honestly say there is no pain inside them at all, that they have never experienced this?

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Do you mean “pain” literally or metaphorically?

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If you mean emotionally, most likely everyone has felt some pain. Whether it lingers we’ll never know.

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@cprevite emotional pain/hurt.

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Certainly. Thank goodness.

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@thorninmud you can’t be glad about it surely?

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Not since Sybok melded with me.

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Glad about it, no. Thankful for it, yes. It’s our greatest teacher.

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We have all experienced pain. We work through it to a greater or lesser degree depending on our backgrounds and training. So whether we live in pain or not depends on the person.

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“Look, to get through life, first you have to get your own pain. Pain that’s unique to you. You can’t just dip into the common bin and say, ‘That’s enough…’” ~ Dr. Martin Dysart in EQUUS

Yes, pain is a part of being human. Our oldest literature talks about it. Check out The Iliad. The first word of the epic poem is rage, which is induced by pain.

We get through it by remembering to breathe, by taking it one step at a time, and by not living in the past or the future. Be here now.

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Everyone has a “thing”. Some people like to talk about the “thing”. Some people keep it inside.

Never, EVER, talk about the “thing” during family dinners or with people at work.

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The only “interior pain” of which I am aware is that I couldn’t make my first marriage work, but I’m almost completely over that. I do have to admit, however, that the pain I felt in Vietnam lasted quite awhile, mostly because I buried it and tried to pretend it didn’t exist. Fortunately, a very good friend of mine who was a psychologist, helped me work my way through all that.

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Who has not suffered loss, disappointment, and hurt? Even small, innocent children know these feelings. If that’s what you mean by pain, it’s a universal experience.

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I’ve experienced pain, who hasn’t, but, it’s all about process and healing. I process, I heal, I move on. This means death, relationship, life events.
So no, not everyone carries around unresolved pain, plenty of people let go and are not burdened with repressed pain. Ya know, that’s the secret of life, letting go. :-)

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Sometimes the pain is so deep and pervasive that we can work through it only with help.

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Yes, indeed. As has been mentioned, it is a universal experience.

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I would think emotional pain would have to be an integral part of the human experience. Without it, people wouldn’t have a capacity for empathy or compassion.

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I think learning to deal with emotional pain keeps us real, grounded, understanding and observant.

I think a person without any emotional pain would be unbelievably arrogant—they wouldn’t be able to fully understand how others felt. Maybe that’s what a sociopath is?

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In that case, then yes – of course.

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I think everyone has pain at some point or other. Except maybe someone who is mentally or developmentally disabled and unable to experience any emotions at all.

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@CaptainHarley This is true at times. It can take a couple of years to fully recover from a death, divorce, the big slingshot hits of life, but, to wallow for years and years and not be able to move on is extremely damaging. It comes down to fighting with reality, and when we fight with reality we suffer more than we need to. ;-)

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I think everyone feels it. Sadness, fear, anger, they’re all a part of us.

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