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What does it mean when a guy kisses you on the forehead?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) March 19th, 2012 from iPhone

What does it mean when a man kisses a woman on her forehead? And more than once at a given time? Does it mean strong love or affection or just a simple gesture? I was watching a movie with a guy, and he kissed me on my forehead twice at different times.

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Does he have a cold? Are you wearing gorgeous lipstick?

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I think it’s a gesture of affection.

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I’ve seen it sort of as… a gesture of protective love, sort of fatherly/motherly in a manner, but can easily mean much more.

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I also depends upon his age. Is he about the same age as you or much older?
The answers are different.

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I do this, but it’s just because I enjoy doing it. There’s no mystical ‘meaning’ behind it.

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It means he likes you, but is not into making out right then or it is not appropriate at that moment.

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Luckyguy no he didn’t have a cold nor did I have lipstick on. We did kiss a couple times on the mouth but I’m wondering if it meant anything different, kisses on the forehead.

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Affection. At least it means he cares a bit about you.

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It means Joe Pesci is going to whack you when you get in the front seat of the car.

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He’s a bit older than me but only about a few years.

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Can also be done as a means of comforting.
Or to avoid smelly breath :-)

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With my wife and a kiss on her forehead, to me, means you are so special to me and I thank you for accepting me as I am.

I think she know this.

It’s a speciall kiss of affection.

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It is a simple gesture of affection, without being particular threatening. Or to avoid chapped lips or bad breath.

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I think he likes you enough to kiss you other than on the mouth.

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He is kissing you there out of respect and to show he is not going to jump too fast.
Kind of a kiss icebreaker.
It means he wants more, but is testing the response by kissing you in a safe place like on the forehead.

A perfect response if acceptable would be…...lower please…

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How long have you known each other?

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Flo, for about 3 months. We’ve kissed on the lips already so I know he likes me. We’ve been intimate once before and he kissed me on the forehead too when we were in bed cuddling.

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Not picking on you, @partyrock, not at all, but this raises a question I have wondered about hundreds of times.

I am bewildered by the steady stream (here and elsewhere) of “what does it mean when—?” relationship questions. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone truly thinks there’s a universal code of behaviors and interpretations and that everyone everywhere can read this language—except the person asking the question. The interpersonal behavior of individuals is not a formal set of signals like Morse code or semaphore, and there isn’t a book of translations that everyone has but you.

When you make small gestures, touch a person’s hand, make a simple remark, are you thinking about what meaning you’re conveying? Are you speaking in code?

What if someone just does something, acts on impulse, makes a gesture or says a word, expresses his feelings in some way, and he doesn’t subscribe to that mysterious (nonexistent) code? He’s the only one who can tell you what it means.

Why does it have to mean anything? A kiss is just a kiss.

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@partyrock okay, still it doesn’t mean any special thing I don’t think.

By the way, start with the @ sign and you will get the list of people who answered at the bottom of the box, you and click on the person you want to address.

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…and a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply, as time goes by :)

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I’m with @jeruba.

A Kiss Is Still A Kiss
A sigh is still a sigh…

You know the rest. :)

@Buttonstc….you got to it first…I was writing at the same time…! lol

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(And I was out to dinner or I would have been all over it too.)

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In Palermo it means death. (Speak softly love, and hold me warm against your heart.)

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If I kiss you on the lips, neck or ears, it’s probably sexual. The forehead to me says a deep seated affection or love. Everything I do means something to me.

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A forehead kiss is less intimate. More friendly. Affectionate.

If the relationship is new, it’s probably testing the waters to see if he can kiss you more intimately—on the lips. If the relationship is more established, it’s a kind of distancing thing that says yeah I still love you but lets just focus on something else for a while.

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As it happens, my husband kissed me on the forehead about ten minutes ago.

In this case it meant “You’re a good girl, honey, and I love you, but you’re sitting down and I’m standing up, so your forehead is the part I can reach without bending too much.”

(In my post above, I refrained from saying “You must remember this:”—but I see that other Casablanca fans have filled in the missing lines.)

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I think that if you don’t know what it meant, you should not have allowed him to do it. Truth is, he is the only one who can communicate to you what his kiss to your forehead meant/

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@PurpleClouds – “Allowed” him to do it? We are casually dating each other and he’s not a stranger. I know he likes me but I just wanted to know what sign or affection it meant. Like whether some people consider kisses to the forehead by a significant lover as a sign or adoration or protection, or whatever. It’s a really sweet and loving gesture.

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@PurpleClouds – He said he likes me already so I know how he feels. I’m just way too analytical with stuff so I want to know exactly what I meant, nevermind that sometimes I just have to stop questioning and let it simply….. be….

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I’ve never once kissed a woman on the forehead, seems like something a mafia godfather would do to his mama/associates.

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you need better toothpaste.

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There could be 1,000,000 reasons why he kissed your forehead.
Maybe he loves you more than words can say.
Maybe he likes you, but doesn’t like like you.
Maybe he’s worried about his breath.
Maybe he’s gay.
Maybe you had a piece of delicious candy stuck to your head.
Maybe you have disgusting, un-kissable lips
Maybe he’s never kissed anyone on the lips, and is afraid he will be bad at it
Who the hell knows? Oh right, he does. If you really care, you might ask him.

Or you could spend precious hours of your life obsessing over it; hours that you could better spend helping others, learning a new language, reading a book, walking a dog, clipping your toenails…

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Does he sometimes he puts his arm around your shoulders instead of your waist? It could just be a spontaneous thing or could be wanting to take things slower than you?

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A test kiss perhaps assessing the likelihood of rejection after a kiss on the mouth. Did you smile after the two kisses on the forehead?

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