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What would you do in this scenario hypothetically speaking?

Asked by hypotheticalspeaker (36points) March 19th, 2012

You are on the edge of a cliff. A few hundred feet down is a small lake. A gunman comes over and says jump. What would you do? If you always have your own gun or pepper spray handy you can use it in this scenario. Oh and also he is wearing a special bullet proof suit covering all but his head.

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How high is the cliff?

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@marinelife It’s a couple hundred feet up. There is a lake at the bottom but it is small and you’re not sure if you’d land in the lake.

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I would jump (on my position though, not down).

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I would hypothetically rush him, dodge the bullet if he shot at me, then disarm him.

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Tap him in the head. Not complicated.

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I have my own gun? Hypothetically speaking, then, I’d shoot him in the hands and run away.

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Can you say, “Double-tap head-shot,” boys and girls? : )

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@WillWorkForChocolate only if you carry around a gun in real life! Oh and don’t forget the bullet proof suit covering all but his head to the north :p

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Crescent kick his damn head off.

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What is the point of hypothetical questions like this? Has anyone ever performed a formal experiment to find out what a person really does after saying what he thinks he would do? I’ve noticed many times that what I do in a real situation is not what I would have thought if you’d asked me beforehand.

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@hypotheticalspeaker Okay then, I’ll shoot him in his head to the north and run away, LOL.

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Step in my tardis and get the hell out of there. And yes. I do normally carry a tardis around with me. Or perhaps you could say it’s the other way around: my tardis usually carries me from place to place.

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“No, now fuckoff & shoot some trees/frogs/wasps, you’re starting to really bother me.”

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