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What was the book you could not put down?

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) May 24th, 2008 from iPhone

non fiction. Very dramatic stories. Survival, tragic, abuse, world war books.

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I have a hard time putting down a lot of books. Charles Bukowski is one whose books I read in a night or day though.

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I’ll put the authors name in my “must read” . Thank you.

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“Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trumbo. His very style of grammar and punctuation – long breaks without commas and run-on sentences – makes it something you can’t put down. The book changed the way I view a lot of things. Read it at least three times.

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mister. Thank you

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The “Three Californias” trilogy (The Wild Shore, The Gold Coast, Pacific Edge) by Kim Stanley Robinson.

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Everything by Kurt Vonnegut

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I’ve recently become a fan of Terry Pratchett; probably anything he’s written.

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The Know-It-All by A.J. Jacobs. It’s a book written about the author’s attempt to read the entire Encyclopedia Britanica.

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Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

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double idenity

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Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. I hate Card’s politics but it was a really good book. It is about 500 pages and I read it in a few shifts at work.

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I know much is true by Wally Lamb. A great book!

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THE ROAD Cormick Mccarthy

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Stiff by Mary roach.

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The Gulag Archipelago Books I and II. They’re about the systemic imprisonment, torture, and forced labor imposed upon Soviet citizens from the 1920s to 50s or 60s. Mindblowing.

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THE DISCOVERY OF FRANCE; Graham Robb; non-fiction about fragmented villages, topography and language that was extremely varied until recently, except for Paris and a little ring around it. There is one chapter that discusses the 25 different ways of saying “yes.”(Title of chapter 4: O Òc Sí Bai Ya Wi Oui Oyi Awè Jo Ja Ou.)

The author explored the darkest corners by riding 14,000 miles—on a bicycle.

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I had to edit my question, misunderstood what it was asking, sorry. My answer is A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar. I loved the movie, so I had to read the book.

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nonfiction: The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins; Stumbling on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert; Blink, Malcolm Gladwell; The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Oliver Sacks; Phantoms in the Brain, V. S. Ramachandran; Freakonomics, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

fiction: Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides; Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck; all Tom Robbins books.

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I can put down most nonfiction, but as far as fiction, Pillars of the Earth by ken follett was enthralling!

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Thank you all SO much! I’m making a list for my library LOL!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

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Hot Water Music by Charles Bukowski and all the other Bukowski books ive read.

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And listen to the band Hot Water Music. They rock.

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A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

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I’ll second that.

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J.D. Salinger. Anything by him.

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Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and The Host by Stephenie Meyer (Breaking Dawn is coming out August 2nd, and I’m sure that will be the same!)

How to Kill a Rockstar and God Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo

Enjoy :)

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“And Then We Came to The End” by Joshua Ferris

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The Hot Zone—ebola outbreak—not for the faint of heart, but riveting

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