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What's the best way to clean glass out of my bathtub?

Asked by occ (4176points) May 25th, 2008

I dropped a glass jar and it broke in the bathtub. I can’t vacuum in the tub, can I? Seriously, I don’t want any bare feet getting cut in the shower – what’s the best way to make sure all the tiny shards are gone?

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Do vacuum it if you have a canister vacuum or attachment hose for your upright. The further you can keep your hands from the stuff the better. After vacuuming, fold a paper towel into a quarter sheet, dampen it and wipe over the area. Do be careful.

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There’s no reason you can’t vacuum your bathtub if it’s dry, it’s probably the best way to deal with it, in fact.

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Are you living with Andrew?

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@Brian; wrong Fluther God.

@occ: after you have vacuumed, try damp cotton balls. I find that more effective than paper towels. You want to get every crumb up. Then later, revac. Make sure no-one, two or four-footed pads around there. Use a flashlight to check. Huge nuisance, but we have all done it.

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Thanks, all! I vacuumed, then tried the paper towel trick, and the paper towel still picked up tiny shards of glass. I“m going to run out now and try to buy some cotton balls too. It’s funny, I never noticed that Andrew had asked the same question!

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I would fill a bucket with lots of water and dump it on one end while running the shower. Do that a few times and it should be fine.

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pick it up very carefully with gloves…. Or use a handheld boom

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pieces of bread will work also a sponge

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Only damp cotton will pick up the tiny remaining crumbs..make it the last step.

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very true gail!

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Cotton balls is what I would say too Or very thin cotton towels. You can’t tell if it’s gone by sight, so you have to go over the whole area with cotton so nothing is left.

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Take an orange or grapefruit cut in half wipe area with it.

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