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Can I quote the New York Times or link to their articles?

Asked by MarcoDemarco (221points) March 20th, 2012

I want to write an article and use the New York Times as a resource (I will give them credit, of course). Is it legal to quote one of their articles? If not is it legal to simply link to their article?

Is it legal to quote articles from website?

If not, how can I get permission to quote them or use them as a resource?

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Yes, it is legal (assuming you are in the US – don’t know about other countries) to quote the NYT. In fact, you could say the NYT is written hoping they will be cited…

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You can quote them with citation.

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Yes it is legal to quote from a New York Times article as long as you cite it. If you are doing so online, it is also customary to link back to the original article. This is good for the newspaper itself because it gets people to visit their site, and it is good for your readers because they can see the original document for themselves.

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Quoting does not mean copying the whole article into your article. You can use parts at a time, but not too much in a row. Not sure what this means in reality.

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Thanks dudes.

I know copyright laws are strict and I want to be sure I can quote a line or two from the Times. I would not cite them out of context or in a derogatory manner.

Is it okay to quote web articles as well? I’ll probably link back to every article I use as a resource.

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@MarcoDemarco From what you say about how you want to use the articles, you’ll be fine. Short quotes relevant to something that you are writing are always acceptable. The web articles will be fine, too, especially since you are linking back to them. That’s what people want most, after all: proper acknowledgement of their work.

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@MarcoDemarco As long as you cite it (and if you’re quoting, put it in quotes), you should be fine.

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@MarcoDemarco “I would not cite them out of context or in a derogatory manner.” I don’t think that’s a requirement. You’re allowed to say they’re idiots if you like.

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Thanks again everyone. I wish I would have asked this question a long time ago. I’ll be writing with a lot less worry from now on.

@6rant6 Thanks for your feedback and assurance lol. I don’t plan on taking shots at any writers or websites right now, but if I feel the need to call an idiot an idiot, I’ll keep your feedback in mind.

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