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What are some examples of citizen science websites that produce live results?

Asked by coelacanth (222points) March 20th, 2012

i.e. a group of people enter a set of data, press enter, and that data is conglomerated and displayed live to the group (public or private).

Alternatively, how might one execute such an idea?

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I am pretty sure there has been some great discoveries with astronomy, but here is a pretty decent list:

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The Galaxy Zoo project asks people to classify images of galaxies produced by the Hubble space telescope. Around 250,000 people have taken part.

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Creek Watch ( is another example. Users report real time conditions of waterways using their iPhones for environmental management programs. The worldwide data is available live on

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As far as I have seen, Galaxy Zoo doesn’t have a page of live results. Creek Watch does, but it is just a map of all occurrences, no analysis. Are there any examples that include basic, live statistics from the inputs?

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A bunch of gamers on a game web site decoded the AIDS protein chain which needs to be identified before a vaccine can be developed.

Scientists= 15 years, no result
Citizen Gamers= 3 weeks, epic win.

The game web site does post live results of their science-game results.

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