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Why won't my 2GB micro SD card work?

Asked by shrubbery (10251points) May 25th, 2008

I just bought a 2GB micro SD card with a normal SD adapter to transfer stuff from my phone to my computer and vice versa, but when I put the micro card in my phone it doesn’t recognise it and when I put it in the adaptor and put it in the computer it doesn’t recognise it there either. I think my phone, an LG TU500 doesn’t recognise anything bigger than 1GB or so I’ve just been told, but shouldn’t my computer still recognise it? I’ve used my camera’s normal 2GB SD card in the computer just fine.

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I have an LG too, different model, and the lovely folks working at AT&T decided not to tell me that my phone could only support a one gig card. Could be the same problem.

Have you tried formatting it?

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That was going to be my answer too but if neither the phone nor the computer will recognise it thats not an option. You march yourself back to that store and get your money back for that bogus card. I’d do it for yeah but I won’t be passing by that direction.

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How do you format it?

Oh, I will take it back. I just hope I can refund it or exchange it for a one gig because I bought it at my work and one of the guys put it through at cost price for me… :P

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If it doesn’t show up on your computer or phone you simply can’t. There should be no problem exchanging it. Cost price or not – Its still faulty!!

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True true, thanks for your help =P

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ah shucks. You welcome.

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I exchanged the 2GB card for a 1GB, which didn’t work either, so I took that back and got a usb bluetooth dongle (way to go whoever decided to call it that :P) to transfer files to and from my computer using bluetooth.

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