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What does tagged mean on an e-mail?

Asked by YARNLADY (41596points) March 20th, 2012

My inbox was filled with e-mails that say “Tagged, (someone I never heard of) has sent you a message. I just deleted about 50 of them. What does tagged mean?

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Or your Facebook pictures are being tagged.

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You mean it said, for example: “Tagged, rebbel”?
The only thing I can come up with is that the last couple of years it is popular to tag people (you know) on photos on Facebook.
So maybe the spammer anticipates on tagging being a popular thing, so spammees might feel attracted to click (a link in) the mail?

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I don’t have a facebook account. It says “Tagged. William O has sent you a message.” The name on each one is different.

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@rebbel and I agree that it is a SPAM e-mail.
So did you if you deleted them that quickly.

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Do you think anyone that has your email address would have signed you up for Tagged?

Here is a Snopes article on Tagged emails

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Tagged dot com describe themselves as a “teen social networking destination on the web” but it is currently the largest source of email spam in our inbox.
Every other minute, there’s a new email message from Tagged dot com with a subject ”[Your Friend Name] has tagged you! :)”.
There’s a link at the bottom of the email message that says “Click to unsubscribe” but even when you unsubscribe, “TaggedMail Invites” will continue to flood your inbox

Add the domain to your black list.

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@SpatzieLover Maybe one of my grandkids has played a trick on me. Ha, Ha, it would be a perfect April Fool’s joke.
@blueiiznh Thanks for the info. I have been taught never to click on any link in an e-mail I don’t trust.

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