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Where can I get the g-mail app for my Macbook?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 20th, 2012

Is it not available for laptops?

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The web interface at is the “app” for large screens like laptops and desktops.

The reason there’s an app at all is to provide something tailored to smaller screens on phones and tablets. It’s really just another way to get at the same information.

There are some great mail apps that will let you tie in to your gmail account though if you just don’t like that interface. Sparrow is the latest and greatest that’s been getting a lot of coverage. Most others will work as well, including Apple’s own Mail.

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Aw lame :( Would be nice just to have the Gmail app logo near my icons.

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You can have the default “Mail” application access your gmail accounts and read it from there.

Ooops just noticed @funkdaddy said the same thing.

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Try the MailTab for Gmail application in the app store.

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