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What are good websites for finding hotels and bed and breakfast places in southwestern England?

Asked by mattbrowne (31557points) March 21st, 2012

I’m making travel plans for England right now. We’ll have 10 days in early April. I’m not sure whether sites like have the best offers and many bed and breakfast places are not included.

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I like to use to find good places to stay, but is very good for booking through, sometimes even 2 weeks in advance.

You could also search for Tourist Information + the county you are visiting. For example, I found this site for Cornwall, suggesting it has over 1500 different listings for accomodation.

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I always use or the iPhone app. If its a city or large town I will be in and all I need is a place to rest my head then the no frills Etap hotels will do. Just booked one night in Portsmouth last night for a room mid May. £19 :)

Fluthyou's avatar is good, cheap, simple source and people respond quickly

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The Visit England website is worth a look though it can be painfully slow to load.

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Thanks so far. I will check them out all.

What is a reasonable rate per night for 2 people?

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@mattbrowne That varies…. if you can get a bed for 2 people for £30 a night (in one room), you’re doing really really well, but it probably won’t include breakfast. £40 a night for 2 people, including breakfast, is probably as low as you’ll find in a b&b. For somewhere luxurious rather than functional, you’d be looking at £60 a night upwards.

But then, you’re looking in the South…. If you’re going to a popular holiday destination, such as Cornwall, during the school holiday here (first 2 weeks of April) then £60 may well only get you a basic b&b, and luxury may come in at over 3 figures. I definitely recommend late rooms for getting more for your money.

Cheaper alternatives are to look at the, and youth hostelling can be a lot posher these days than the good old functional days, with private rooms and own bathrooms etc.

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I have to agree with Fluthyou, Airbnb is the way to go in England. These are private bed and breakfast rooms and houses you get to rent cheap. As in most times, half the price of hotels in the area. If you are concerned about safety, don’t worry, Airbnb is pretty safe

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