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Is it true that if you have no auto insurance in PA your registration is canceled?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) March 21st, 2012

I was concerned about auto insurance and car registration, if the auto insurance is canceled. Do they automatically void your car registration also.?

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If you pulled over without insurance, you’re in trouble regardless, so what would be the difference if the car was registered at that point?

I just went on the PA DOT website, and if you have no insurance for more than 30 days, you can face fines, fees, suspension of your license and registration. Suspension of your license is if they determine you drove the car when it had no insurance and registration.

Is this a situation you are in?

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If PA is one of the financial responsibility states they void your registration and your drivers license when the insurance lapses. I think there’s only two states that don’t do that.

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I think they consider “no insurance” as cancelling your plates/registration. You have turn the plates in and go through re-registration of your vehicle.

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“Pensylvania law requires all Pennsylvania motor vehicle owners to maintain vehicle liability insurance (financial responsibility) on a currently registered vehicle. Vehicle liability insurance covers the property damage or injuries you may cause others in a crash.

A lapse in insurance coverage results in the suspension of your vehicle registration privilege for three months, unless the lapse of insurance was for a period of less than 31 days and the owner or registrant proves to PennDOT that the vehicle was not operated during this short lapse in coverage. If PennDOT determines that you operated your vehicle without the required insurance, your driver’s license will also be suspended for three months. The registration plate, sticker, card and driver’s license must be surrendered to PennDOT in order to serve the suspension.”

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When you send in your yearly registration payment form you have to fill in the name of your insurance company and your account number. I’ve always filled mine in but if you didn’t I would imagine you would not get a registration card.

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As to the specifics of the question, “Does your insurance automatically get cancelled?” The motor vehicles dept probably receives a report monthly of people whose insurance is cancelled by the insurance companies for any reason, or something like that, and they probably will cancel the insurance automatically when they receive this report. There is some way that the insurance companies share their information with the motor vehicles department without relying on the honesty or dishonesty of the motorists.

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As an almost life long citizen of this proud state that is true. If you get caught driving without insurance it is the same as driving without a proper registration. In fact your car cannot get its annual inspection without a paid registration and insurance certificate. If you have a self-insured company, you must post a bond and you get a financial responsibility certificate that is about the same as an insurance certificate.

I have never driven without an insurance card but have neglected to update my registration. If you get caught by a local cop you just have to get the registration and have your car inspected, then show the police or Justice of the Peace.

Also certain states have reciprocity with Pennsylvania. Virginia is one of them. If you get a ticket in Va, it counts on your Pa. license.and vice versa.

If you get a total of 6 points, moving or other violations you have to retake the written driver’s test. I was the only person taking the test that was over 25 years old.

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