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Were you asked for too much? Did you ask for too much?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) March 21st, 2012

Who did the asking? What did they ask? Why was it too much? What happened?

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What does “Were you asked for too much?” mean?

“Did someone expect too much from you?”

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I have had almost no contact with my parents as an adult. At one point I went nine years without talking to them. They told me they don’t like me as a person and if I wasn’t their son, they would choose not to associate with me at all. The cause of this is my unwillingness to place family bonds above all else.

My parents resent the fact that I consider responsibilities I have willingly taken on myself to be more important than they are. For example, six months ago I gave my father my old computer, set it up for him, and gave him the basics on its use. I was supposed to come back the next day to teach him more advanced skills, like how to configure his router. He wasn’t feeling well the next day, so we put it off another day. The next day I was called upon to participate in a picket line to support two members of my union who have been screwed out of a month’s wages. My father was furious that I put the picket line ahead of him, and we have not talked since.

I can’t give him what he wants, which is to be the most important thing in my life.

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I was asked for plenty. Almost too much. But luckily before it became too much, I got out.

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I asked the lady at the register if she had a pen I could use. She gave me one, so I took it a step further and asked if I could sniff her panties. Too far, man.

Hmmm, I can’t think of a time at the moment where I’ve asked for too much. I’ve had people ask too much of me, though. Usually people trying to take advantage of me by asking for money too many times or something.

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I was asked to take on shared custodial responsibility of an autistic 8 year old boy in a country I didn’t speak the language in. Not officially, because if it was on paper, then the mother would lose her full custody pension, so, alone, new country… here is a kid you can’t communicate with. I was not paid. I did not apply for a nanny position. I thought I would be going to school full time myself until I merged back into my career. So, yeah. I also gave up my career. And there was no formal asking. I was told.

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@gailcalled If there’s something that entered your mind when you heard this question, it is an appropriate answer. The asking can be overt or implied.

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I asked for too much…I wanted to be more than friends with someone. They obviously (at the end) did not. I don’t even know if they would have wanted to be friends…but there is no chance of that now. I have blown whatever chance I had to even continue talking to the person.

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I’ve always asked for too much and not enough. I just never seem to get the combination right. I don’t ask for enough money for my skills and talents and services. I ask for too much loyalty and courtesy and thoughtfulness from my earthly companions. It seems I should reverse those two.

As to who, where, what happened, I work at a job that uses my skills and talents for the maximum the industry pays, but the industry pays dirt poor. I daily spend my time reminding myself that these complete strangers are to be pitied for the miserable lives they lead. They must be miserable lives, otherwise why take it out on me?

oh, sorry, my cynic escaped on this one

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“All I want is a little more than I’ll ever get” © Ashleigh Brilliant

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