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In your opinion whos the best skateboarder?

Asked by milkweed134 (3points) May 25th, 2008
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Rodney Mullen

edit :: I’m old so I like the technical stuff.

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I’d love to see jp and bulbatron play a game of SKATE. Then I’ll tell you who’s the best =P

Any other fluthering skaters who want to join in the first annual fluther skate competition?

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Sure, if you host it in Scotland ; )

I’d have to say Mullen as well, though quite a fan of Muska’s style…

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I have to agree also. I’ve seen Rodney Mullen do some insane things on a skateboard.

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danny way is so fluid it makes me sick. I remember seeing him as a child in an old H-Street video and thinking, that kid is going to change skateboarding.

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Erik Koston.

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Eric Koston not Erik Koston


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Erik is cooler than Eric =P

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Erich is the coolest!

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ill play skate with anyone anytime.

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Joey Brezinski is the manual pad king. Tony Trujillo and Alex Chalmers simply destroy any concrete park they touch.

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wanna play skate? My xbox tag is: McKjudoChop

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