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Have you or someone you know hugged a tree? Why?

Asked by Aster (18143points) March 21st, 2012

Fifteen years ago I went back to my old neighborhood. Right in front of my best friend’s house (she still lives in the same house) is a huge, old tree. That tree was there when I was a baby, a toddler and a child riding my bike in the street in front of it. I had a powerful urge to hug it but she was standing there so I didn’t. I just put my hand on it. Ever had a similar experience?

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I have hugged a tree on more than one occasion, just couldn’t help it when I was little and saw my first Giant Sequoia, it was just so… inspiring? intimidating? majestic? all of the above and more? so yeah, I’ve hugged trees. I have also “hugged” in a tree, but that’s a different story

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I saw a photo of a young boy hugging a Sequoia this morning I think on Yahoo! Really cute answer, btw. (-:

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No, but I have humped a bush on many, many glorious occasions.

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Yes, I have hugged trees. They are beautiful beings, and I love how they make me feel: focused and simple.

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^^^^^^^ did anyone see you? I didn’t want my friend to witness such a thing! lol

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I’ve hugged trees. Every few years, when my seething hatred of humanity and my disgust with our world reaches a fever pitch, I run away to the woods and spend a few days or weeks just being alone. One of the things I like to do when I’m out there is strip off all my clothes and go running naked through the trees, stopping occasionally to take a squat like an animal, howl and scream without reservation in a way I just can’t do in civilized places where I might be heard, and rub up against large rocks and the mossy trunks of great old trees just for the tactile pleasure of feeling moss and dirt and bugs and bark scrape off against my naked skin and tangle itself in my beard and chest hair and pubes.

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^^^^^^^^ You lead a very interesting existence! I wonder how many guys do this? I hope it helps you. GA Above and beyond tree hugging, STS!

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@Aster : Yes, people have seen me hug trees. I do it unashamedly.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (-: Good for you, Jake.

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Absolutely. They are so beautiful and so important to our planet. I don’t routinely go around hugging trees, but I have done it. There was a huge Oak tree in a park near where I used to live and I couldn’t help but hug it. Imagine the history that has passed by that tree.

I have to remove some trees from my garden this year. I will hug each and every one of them before we remove them (danger in storms, right where our pool has to go). Don’t want to lose them but we don’t have much choice. I will plant more to replace them.

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I’m a terminal tree hugger. I love nature and everything about it. Even the not so nice side.

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I climbed trees as a kid. Once I fell out, and broke my arm. I learned a lesson then; don’t challenge nature. I don’t hug trees, but I think they’re awesome.

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I think the lesson should be that girls should stay out of trees and get back into the kitchen… >_>

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Fuck kitchens.

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I haven’t, but I have been known to nap unde them. I cannot, however, vouche for the tree not hugging me while I slept.

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@cprevite Love that answer. :D

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We have elms over 100yrs old here. I hug them regularly. My ancestors planted them

I have elms that I consider my babies and I hug them, pat them, photgraph them and have been known to make a comment or two to them.

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About 14 years ago we got a call about a house fire in the town & on the street where my grandmother lives (& has lived her entire life). It was in fact, her house that was in flames.

We sped over there as fast as we could. We got out of the car & walked through the maze of parked emergency vehicles to see her entire house is gone. Nothing salvageable. The only standing structure on her front property was a large maple tree that we tap every season for syrup. My grandmother had her arms tightly wrapped around the maple tree with tears running down her face. The EMT waited by his truck. No one could comfort her as much as that tree could during that moment.

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Yes, I’m a big tree lover. I have pictures of myself hugging an giant Redwood on vacation in Humboldt 2 summers ago. Here at home I have huge old oaks and most likely indians and pioneers buried beneath them from the goldrush era too. I live on sacred ground. :-)

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Yes I have hugged many trees. I have hugged them for the last time before they had to be cut down. I went out the night before the cutting and spent quite a bit of time touching and reminiscing. People have seen me hug trees.
@Hawaii_Jake last summer when I visited Maui we went up to the Iao Needle park. There was a huge tree on one of the hiking paths. My friends took a picture of me hugging that tree. This isn’t me of course, but I think it’s the same tree.

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