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Are you a one finger typer or a thumb typer on your phone/tablet?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) March 21st, 2012

Or do you use a different method for each?

Was it a decision you made after trying out both methods or did you just naturally begin using whichever technique you use without much forethought because it instinctively felt right to you?

I’m thinking about switching to thumb typing because it seems like it would be quicker but each time ive tried it briefly its just much slower and laborious for me so I’m wondering if its worth the effort.

But it is becoming unwieldy to keep on using my index finger only on my tablet because its a much larger area even though its only a seven incher.

Tell me about what your experience has been like and, if possible, why you chose the method you did. I’d also be interested in any of you which have switched methods and how that worked out for you.

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Thumb typer. I grew up threw the video game era and I have control when I have a device in my hands, much like this

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I am an Thumb Typer. Sometime i use my few finger while i am playing a game.

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I use many fingers to type on my keyboard. The thumb I use for the space key. For my graphic tablet, I use the pen. Finger painting does not really work.

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I’m a touch typist… since I learned eons ago when we had typewriters!!

I use all my fingers and thumbs when I type on my keyboard. I have a real problem unlearning that to type on other devices with my thumbs!! One reason, I don’t text!

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All fingers on a full size keyboard but on the iPhone, only the index finger of my right hand. Whenever I try to use thumbs, I hit all the wrong keys, it is hopeless, the keyboard is too small!

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On my phones I use my thumb, because I can hold it in one hand and use that thumb.
On a full regular keyboard I’m a touch typist.

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I’m a touch typist on full size keyboards. When I first started typing on phones, I was a one-finger typist. I have since switched to two thumbs. It takes a little practice, by it’s definitely worth it in gained speed.

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But what do you use on your phone?

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Thumb typer, FTW! Bitches!

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Is it weird that I also type with my thumbs on a standard keyboard?

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Right index finger only on the iPhone. And the same on the iPad if I only have a login to type. I use standard 10-fingered typing on the iPad if I’m doing something more than a simple login.

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I appreciate everyone’s input and I’m assuming a multiplicity of fingers (either hunt-peck or touch typing ) on a regular keyboard. Its the transition to PHONE TYPING that I’m primarily interested in; and by tablets, I’m referencing touch tablets like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. I’m assuming that a compatible type pen is being used on Graphics tablets.

Hope that clarifies things :)

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I have neither a pad nor a phone.

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Thumbs are much faster.

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