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For one day, if you could be another person or object, what/who would you be and why?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) March 22nd, 2012

You have no fear of retaliation, being arrested. or discovered. This is the chance you have waited for.

Question: anything goes, so for one day, who or what will you be and why?

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I would produce a romantic comedy. Guy and girl, they do not like each other in the beginning and they end up in bed together in the end. Classic.
It would be called “The Rapist”.

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I’d pilot my own plane & fly over France, depositing deodarant bombs across the entire country.

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Wow no one really comes to mind. One day is really short so I would have to say an astronaut up in space working on a space stations. I always wondered what being out in space would be like and to be able to look down on the planet. Other than that, there really isn’t anyone here on earth that impresses me all that much.
Well, except maybe being a dolphin and swimming with a group of other dolphins. (I really would not like to see any nets or fishermen or traps that day.) Just swimming and gliding through the ocean, eating and jumping around with the other dolphins.

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I don’t have kids, and I’m not female. For a day I’d like to be mom with three kids ages 5, 9, and 11. Feeding them might be especially rewarding. And probably there are some difficulties that I’m overlooking that will make me appreciate the parents of the world even more. (I think that is a Tough job).

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I would like to captain a boat on the Disneyland Jungle Cruise.

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A domesticated house cat. Judging by my own kitties, there isn’t anything better.

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I’d like to be my husband and understand why he thinks and feels the way he does.

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Johnny Depp’s cigarette My cat

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Milo here; I’m not sure but it certainly wouldn’t be Gail (although I know that she would love to be me so that she can be taken care of by herself),

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I’d be Q for a day.

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I would be the President’s desk in the Oval Office and listen to all that goes on there for a day. I bet it would be enlightening.

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Brad Pitt…Angelinia Jolia’s boy friend…need I say I more?

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I’d be a hunk at an orgy filled with beautiful college girls with no other guys. Not for porn.

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Tribesmen in the jungle of New Guinea. Just for the experience. I will never know what it’s like to not know that technology, white people, McDonalds, guns, etc. exist. Can you fucking imagine!

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@deni: And then wait until someone drops an empty coke bottle on you from a low-flying open airplane.

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Then she will build replica aeroplanes and bottles out of wood to make the aeroplane gods return.

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I’m changing my answer to @Pandora ‘s…...I’d wanna float around in space. Wow. Yes.

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A fly on the wall of certain people’s places

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@gailcalled Oh those gods! They must be meshuggah!

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I think it might be interesting to be a bra. Am I alone?

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His backpack…then I could be around him all day.

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I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see the world through either Gary Larson, Steven King or Steven Wright‘s brains.

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One day of being a food critic and going to a very fancy restaurant in New York.

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I’d like the thrill of becoming another human being picked purely at random.

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I would love to be a beloved, pampered cat.

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@6rant6 “a bra” superb primal fantasy! Right up there with bicycle seat.

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I think I would like to be President Obama for a day. It would be interesting to be that intelligent, powerful, and brave. I also wouldn’t mind spending time with Michelle.

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I would be my mom and go and do the things she used to do that made her happy. She needs a happy day for herself

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@jonsblond I love your answer.

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