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Give me one or two facts that no one knows about you?

Asked by Jude (32098points) March 22nd, 2012

1. I hate the taste of most alcoholic drinks, yet, I like the buzz.
2. I love El Debarge’s music/voice.

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Milo here;

1) I am shy.
2) I am modest.
3) (Bonus.) I am annoying

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(I highly doubt the annoying part)

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1. I was born in 1575.
2. Not on this planet.

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I have a secret and inexplicable craving for SpaghettiO’s once every few years.

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I have a dark side.
I’m not telling the other one.

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1. I would rather work retail than being paid the same amount and be unemployed.

2. I used to have an intense fear of parking garages.

I like these kinds of questions.

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1. A few years ago I received a facial.
2. That same year that beautician also gave me a pedicure.
3 (Bonus). Plus a bonus.

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I cannot stand for anyone to put their hands around my neck, even in play, freaks me out.
Maybe I was hung in a previous life.

I skipped 8th grade and went into HS at age 12 and a half.

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“I skipped 8th grade and went into HS at age 12 and a half.”

Some people obviously know this.

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@Jude Actually only my daughter and one friend, but otherwise no. :-)
Okay, it only counts as half an answer, I couldn’t think of anything else. lol

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My picture was once on the front page of our local newspaper… shooting a cop’s gun!

(It was from my participation in our city’s Citizen’s Police Academy!)

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I don’t like wearing bras.

I’m in a dysfunctional relationship, and I kind of like it.

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@Jude: I guess teachers don’t count as people.

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1) I belive that the Sith were the good guys and the Jedi where prudes and elitist control freaks.

2) When asked in a group of 12 for Roman Catholic first communion, when I was 15, if I would take an oath to destroy evil, I whispered “no” while everyone else said yes.. because I didn’t want to be committed to have to destroy all of my home town starting with the church I was in when I was forced to give the oath against my conscience to get into High school… because I was dependent on others for food, clothing and shelter… and I didn’t want to end up in jail.

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1. I write in code on my body to motivate and encourage myself, so when I slip into the loo tired and weary, I emerge ready to take on the world
2. I drift between here and a fantasy world inside my head daily

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1. I’m kind of a hypochondriac.
2. I think I’d make an awful boyfriend, but a good husband

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1. My mom worked for a church when I was little. One weekend, the priest left the storage room door open, I snuck in and took all the Easter communion wafers and ate them up. I just didn’t know they were for Easter, and didn’t know I ate all of them- those things were yummy! That kinda stalled the Easter service the following Sunday while someone went to borrow some from another church.

2. I would quit everything and just do artwork all day if I could afford it.

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I cry more often then I would like to admit
I cheated on a boyfriend

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When I was a kid, I reportedly once ate ketchup with a spoon.
When under the influence of marijuana as a teen, I once ate an entire box of Fruity Pebbles in one sitting.

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Oh, it’s supposed to be stuff no one knows? Well then, how about I’m not telling you…:P

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@Blackberry I can only imagine what your loo experience was the next day.

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@wilma Quite colorful. :D

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I am really 26;
I am a stripper:
I have 12 tattoos.

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Sometimes I give people the finger when they can’t see. Like when I’m sitting at my computer desk, I conveniently slip my hand under the desk and flip them off.

I wish I would not have yelled at my kids as much as I did when they were growing up.

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1. I carry on decent two-sided conversations with myself when I am alone.
2. I have to consciously hold myself back from sharing too much with new friendships/aquaintances.
3. (bonus) I communicate with God in a special written code.

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I can’t think of anything that absolutely no-one knows, but here’s a couple of things I don’t think I’ve mentioned on Fluther before.

1. I have been horse-crazy since I was a kid, I can ride well and until I was about 15 I wanted to be a professional jockey (then I found out how little they get paid and I changed my mind).

2. I have conversations in my head with characters I’ve created for stories I’ve written. One such character has lived with me for nearly 20 years.

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Sometimes I chew up food and spit it out.

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To feed her young.

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1. I occasionally webcast my telescope feeds.
2. I can play Foggy Mountain Breakdown really fast.

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@future has a whole hell of a lotta secrets. :)

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edit: decided to keep that shit to myself.

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@FutureMemory Probably a good idea. :)

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You saw before the edit?

Send me a PM, woman! Been trying to talk to you for days now :D

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everyone saw it

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I turn into a were-wolverine five times a year.

I worship the moon.

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If I particularly liked what I just ate, I lick the plate. At home, only.

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@Jude So I taste the food but don’t get the calories.

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1. I always tend to end up as the one in charge…and I don’t WANT to be the one in charge. (Is that strange?)

2. I ♥ my convicted felons!! :)

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1. I never reveal my feelings to strangers
2. I never answer questions about my deepest feelings.

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1. I’m extremely fearful of becoming a stagnant useless person.
2. I feel very disconnected from everyone I care about.

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I’m actually nice to people that I care about.

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Yeah, but the hell they have to go through to get you to care about them @WillWorkForChocolate! hugs! Glad you’re my friend now. whew!

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I often visualize/choreograph figure skating routines in my head when certain songs come on the radio. I can actually see Michelle Kwan, Tara Lipinski, Kurt Browning or the pairs team of Isabelle Braseur and Lloyd Eisler skating a program.

I enjoy watching those television court shows like Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. But I would never put one of those shows on, if other people were in the room. I’d be too embarrassed.

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I often fight suicidal thoughts.

I have always wanted children, but I believe I failed as a father. My kids would have been better off being raised by someone else.

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@downtide 2. I have conversations in my head with characters I’ve created for stories I’ve written. – I do this too.

And also… 1. When I was born the midwife couldn’t tell if I was a boy or a girl and even the doctor wasn’t sure. My mum decided I was a boy – it was a good guess. Thanks mum.

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